Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Staying Focused's not working....

I have a project I am working on....the whole upstairs. My goal is to have it finished by the end of March before my father-in-law arrives for a visit.

I have made progress.
I have hit a wall.
Now I am getting distracted.
Darn it.

That's what happens. I have house-ADD. I can't stay focused...and when I try it's painful. But then when I look around at what I could get done I stop and get distracted with something meaningless because I have so much that needs to be tackled it gets overwhelming then I do none of it.

Makes perfect sense...right?!

Well...yesterday I got distracted....and I am SO glad that I did. I started and finished a project in one afternoon...and it wasn't even on my list. (because I am supposed to be staying focused upstairs...that's supposed to be my only thing on the list....)

So, I was vacuuming I do most days because I have 2 very large dogs who are surprisingly not bald with as much as they shed. I hate dog hair. Love my dogs...not the hair. So thankful I have hardwood floors and I can see what's on it!!

So, I was vacuuming...actually I was done vacuuming and putting away my vacuum. And that's when enough was enough.

Here is a picture of where I put my vacuum away...

Doesn't it just add a level of interest to the beautiful painting and piano? No? NO!!! Seriously...!? Who has to store their vacuum next to their piano. WHO?! Me....because of this:

Unfortunately this is the only closet (outside of a bedroom closet) that we have in our house. One coat closet. We don't even have a linen closet. Nice, right? So...not only is it our only hall's completely a catch-all for coats, easy-bake oven, dog stuff, wii stuff, batteries...whatever we don't want to deal with or whatever doesn't have a real home.'s true, just look:

And if you look really carefully at the bottom picture...of the can see ALL the empty space above can even see old cobwebs. Lovely. yes?

It lit a fire under my toosh. I'd had enough. I want a grown-up house...and grown up houses don't store their vacuums by their pianos!!!

So I gutted the entire thing. And was even going to paint. Until I opened the paint...

That can't be good...and that was after stirring for awhile. It wasn't worth it to me...I needed functional...not pretty. Not today anyway.

So I went through baskets and boxes and found a lot of dog food underneath everything...nothing living though...that was a bonus. I am donating some coats...because grown-up houses don't hold onto things you don't wear.

I unscrewed the shelf...patched the holes really well...and moved it up about 7-8". Then re-installed it...on my first try too!! Then as I stood back looking at all the stuff and all the space and trying to puzzle it back together in my mind...I had an idea!! I went upstairs (see...this did go back to upstairs) and switched around a couple of things for the temporary time being...and brought down an old particle board bookshelf. It fit PERFECTLY in the closet!!
So proud of myself for repurposing!! yay!

Ready? Because I was so happy!!


Everything has a place...maybe it's in the trash...maybe it's in a bag...maybe on a shelf....but it's neat and tidy and my piano is pretty again and my vacuum is in a closet!!

Here's to being distracted!! I deserve a piece of chocolate for that...