Thursday, April 12, 2012


Tyler, Amber, Camryn
Kids with Papa

Eric & his dad and kids
Jim...with his favorite daughter-in-law!
"Big T"
These kids were in my backyard...not sure whose they are...
...guess I'll keep them.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My dad is cooler than your dad...

Now that he is retired...this is what he does.
I really need a matching bowl.
And a matching salt grinder....
but I'm too nice to ask (wink)...
so I'll just ooooo and aaaahhh over my beautiful pepper grinder!!
Dad...the red wood matches my kitchen perfectly!!

See the "eye" in this picture...
It's turquoise stone filling a knot in the wood.
Sooooo cool.

Thanks Dad.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Staying Focused's not working....

I have a project I am working on....the whole upstairs. My goal is to have it finished by the end of March before my father-in-law arrives for a visit.

I have made progress.
I have hit a wall.
Now I am getting distracted.
Darn it.

That's what happens. I have house-ADD. I can't stay focused...and when I try it's painful. But then when I look around at what I could get done I stop and get distracted with something meaningless because I have so much that needs to be tackled it gets overwhelming then I do none of it.

Makes perfect sense...right?!

Well...yesterday I got distracted....and I am SO glad that I did. I started and finished a project in one afternoon...and it wasn't even on my list. (because I am supposed to be staying focused upstairs...that's supposed to be my only thing on the list....)

So, I was vacuuming I do most days because I have 2 very large dogs who are surprisingly not bald with as much as they shed. I hate dog hair. Love my dogs...not the hair. So thankful I have hardwood floors and I can see what's on it!!

So, I was vacuuming...actually I was done vacuuming and putting away my vacuum. And that's when enough was enough.

Here is a picture of where I put my vacuum away...

Doesn't it just add a level of interest to the beautiful painting and piano? No? NO!!! Seriously...!? Who has to store their vacuum next to their piano. WHO?! Me....because of this:

Unfortunately this is the only closet (outside of a bedroom closet) that we have in our house. One coat closet. We don't even have a linen closet. Nice, right? So...not only is it our only hall's completely a catch-all for coats, easy-bake oven, dog stuff, wii stuff, batteries...whatever we don't want to deal with or whatever doesn't have a real home.'s true, just look:

And if you look really carefully at the bottom picture...of the can see ALL the empty space above can even see old cobwebs. Lovely. yes?

It lit a fire under my toosh. I'd had enough. I want a grown-up house...and grown up houses don't store their vacuums by their pianos!!!

So I gutted the entire thing. And was even going to paint. Until I opened the paint...

That can't be good...and that was after stirring for awhile. It wasn't worth it to me...I needed functional...not pretty. Not today anyway.

So I went through baskets and boxes and found a lot of dog food underneath everything...nothing living though...that was a bonus. I am donating some coats...because grown-up houses don't hold onto things you don't wear.

I unscrewed the shelf...patched the holes really well...and moved it up about 7-8". Then re-installed it...on my first try too!! Then as I stood back looking at all the stuff and all the space and trying to puzzle it back together in my mind...I had an idea!! I went upstairs (see...this did go back to upstairs) and switched around a couple of things for the temporary time being...and brought down an old particle board bookshelf. It fit PERFECTLY in the closet!!
So proud of myself for repurposing!! yay!

Ready? Because I was so happy!!


Everything has a place...maybe it's in the trash...maybe it's in a bag...maybe on a shelf....but it's neat and tidy and my piano is pretty again and my vacuum is in a closet!!

Here's to being distracted!! I deserve a piece of chocolate for that...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The big "DW" or bust!

We have been blessed beyond measure with two incredible trips in
December with family. Very special trips.

The first one we have been waiting to go on since the girls were 6 months old. I remember very specifically the day that my dad came into the house when the girls were 6 months old and said, "7 and a half more years girls!! Only 7 and a half more years!" Sure enough...they turned 8 in September and the plans had been well under way for months!!
Mimi and Grandad held up their end of the bargain!!

I was told to sit in the front car for this ride and take pictures of everyone...I'm pretty sure we have most pictures in triplicate at the least!

Tyler after his first ride on Space Mtn....drunk joy is all I can describe it as. The faster the ride...the better for him!

This...on the other hand...turned out to be more their speed!

Um...this is the next Disney movie next summer...a red headed girl with a bow & arrow and a black's like Disney was using our life as inspiration! I can't wait!

Pirate he was dubbed in the Pirates League

Osborne Lights at Universal...amazing.

This is my mom...and this guy. He looks like my dad...but ever since he started working at Disney...he has a magical way. Love you guys!!

Catching snowflakes during the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas FL...

See...Disney can make it snow on command...and it's pretty cool. It's actually just micro soap bubbles....but it's a great effect!

Character breakfast

Tyler wasn't there (he'd been sick the night before)

I was trying to get a picture with my kids and they decided to use me as a pyramid...

Then these people...who seriously were use walking by...decided to join was hysterical!

The girls and their Mimi after a trip to the Bibbidi-bobidi-Bootique.

It was magical.