Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I have NEVER been accused of being punctual or timely. So, the girls turned the on EARTH did that happen?!...back in September. We just had their birthday party last weekend. was well worth the wait. The pictures speak for themselves.

By the girls are incredible. funny. caring. beautiful. honest. pure. silly. trusting. smart. Jesus lovers. daring. safe. adventurous. calm. readers. writers. explorers. mesmerizing. strong.
an incredible gift.

It started off with surprise guests!!!
They hadn't seen their uncle since before he was deployed earlier in the year.

Despite the delay in getting started, there was plenty to keep everyone happy...
in fact it might as well have been planned this way.

My individual mini cakes in mini waffle cones was one of my best ideas yet!
Especially for the location!

This is Ike. A gentle giant. A HUGE Fresian. Loved by all the girls!

A trail ride through the woods!

Camryn riding "Black"...a Fresian/Walker. HUGE.

Amber & friend on Ike.


This is momma and her twin horses....which is incredibly rare. The kids met these twins this Spring right after they were born so it was fun for them to see them again.

Momma and two sets of twins!! (Amber (left) is not in pain...she's trying to smile)!

More tire swing...

More horses

Careful....he bites....supposedly

He smiles for treats!

Horses and friends and cake. Does it get better?

Oh...yes it does...

My girls gave up their gifts!! Instead of having people bring gifts for the girls, we asked everyone to make donations to an animal shelter here in town.
We still need to deliver our loot...but boy was it awesome!! So proud of them.

Amber and Camryn, you are more of a blessing every year. I fall in love with you more every year. I can't believe how rough it all started and how amazing you are now. Your strength is like Ike...mezmerizing and beautiful and noticed. We are honored to be your parents and pray that we can help guide you into the beautiful ladies God intends you to be. Love, Mom & Dad