Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Music to my ears....

Oh my!!

You can't help but laugh. They were all into it!! This was the first time they had ever done anything spontaneously musical...can you tell?!
Do you think it has a bit of a "Napol'eon D'ynomite" feel to it?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dog Pile

This is what happens when I leave the laundry laying around for too long.
At least it was BEFORE I washed them!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More color...

As my blog heading says...I love the color they add to my life....here's an example.
I mean really!? How can you NOT love it?!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The squeaky wheel....

Yes...that's me...the squeaky wheel. And I don't do it intentionally or because I expect my dad to fix it for me, but somehow that's the order things happen around here.

My dad visits.
He hears me complaining about an issue in the house.
He starts to experience the issue.
He leaves.
He returns weeks or months later for another visit and I'm still whining.
He experiences the issue more.
Then he fixes it.

Here are the most recent. Now...I actually never whined about this one (but my husband may have). I was perfectly OK with the pile of brooms, mops etc...that I left leaning behind my laundry room door in a corner....not a problem. I knew how best to stack them against each other so they didn't fall all over the place. However, when I was gone in November in Cincinnati, I came home to this:

And this....

...if only I had "before" pictures...but I didn't know he was doing it...and I wasn't home.

And then...at Christmas.....!!!!! (I still love them)

NO silly!!! Not those!!! Those were the awful awful awful ones!!! NEVER BUY THEM!! The inside parts would literally crumble onto the floor every time I had to change a lightbulb...which was a process in itself...even if it didn't disintegrate during the changing. That's not to mention the shadows of myself that would be cast onto the food I was cooking...which meant I was always cooking at an angle so I could see. Plus they were hideous and didn't go with the pretty kitchen. Do you get it? Have I made myself clear?! They were AWFUL!! I think my dad picked up on my frustration. Because he arrived at Christmas time and this was our conversation:

Dad: "Stacy, you have 3 burnt out lights."
Me: "I know...but I hate them and it steals all my joy to have to change the lightbulbs...and now there are 3 which is 3 times my joy is stolen from me." (something along those lines...I don't remember word for word)
Dad: "OK - let's go to Home Depot. Now."

So we did. And as we stood there looking at the lights deciding how many to buy, I decided to only buy one box, because sure. He said, "You'll probably end up wanting 2 sets." and I said, "Well, then I'll just come back for them, but we'll try just one now." (foreshadowing: Dad's are SO smart about these things)

THESE....are the pretty ones!!

Do you notice that there are 2? Yea, we got the first ones up and I looked at my dad and said, "You're right, we need another one". Do you know what he said?! "I already bought one last time I went...I knew you'd change your mind." See....SO smart!!

But they are so pretty. Shortly after we first moved in, he also installed roller shelves for my pots and pans so they weren't clanging and falling and stacked on top of each other each time I needed to get one. I love my rolling shelves. LOVE them. Just like my new kitchen lights. LOVE them.

I think my closet is the next thing I'll start whining about! :O)

Christmas Shepherds

At our church this Christmas, they had many different "scenes" set up for you to take family pictures at after the Christmas Eve services.
There was also apple cider and cookies throughout.

It was a lot of fun...ahem.

As someone commented as I'm dragging the group to this one (because I knew there were costumes involved and we all needed to laugh)..."This is the mandatory fun part of the night"!

We had so much fun doing it...even my folks and my brother-in-law were great sports about it!