Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I have NEVER been accused of being punctual or timely. So, the girls turned the on EARTH did that happen?!...back in September. We just had their birthday party last weekend. was well worth the wait. The pictures speak for themselves.

By the girls are incredible. funny. caring. beautiful. honest. pure. silly. trusting. smart. Jesus lovers. daring. safe. adventurous. calm. readers. writers. explorers. mesmerizing. strong.
an incredible gift.

It started off with surprise guests!!!
They hadn't seen their uncle since before he was deployed earlier in the year.

Despite the delay in getting started, there was plenty to keep everyone happy...
in fact it might as well have been planned this way.

My individual mini cakes in mini waffle cones was one of my best ideas yet!
Especially for the location!

This is Ike. A gentle giant. A HUGE Fresian. Loved by all the girls!

A trail ride through the woods!

Camryn riding "Black"...a Fresian/Walker. HUGE.

Amber & friend on Ike.


This is momma and her twin horses....which is incredibly rare. The kids met these twins this Spring right after they were born so it was fun for them to see them again.

Momma and two sets of twins!! (Amber (left) is not in pain...she's trying to smile)!

More tire swing...

More horses

Careful....he bites....supposedly

He smiles for treats!

Horses and friends and cake. Does it get better?

Oh...yes it does...

My girls gave up their gifts!! Instead of having people bring gifts for the girls, we asked everyone to make donations to an animal shelter here in town.
We still need to deliver our loot...but boy was it awesome!! So proud of them.

Amber and Camryn, you are more of a blessing every year. I fall in love with you more every year. I can't believe how rough it all started and how amazing you are now. Your strength is like Ike...mezmerizing and beautiful and noticed. We are honored to be your parents and pray that we can help guide you into the beautiful ladies God intends you to be. Love, Mom & Dad

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Study Time

When Amber came home from school yesterday, she went and changed into all pink. She did have red sparkly shoes on...but it was as close to pink & pretty as she had for shoes.
I told them they didn't have to do their homework right away, but if they wanted to they could go out and play because it was beautiful out!
She informed me that she wanted to do her homework now and get done with it and so she chose a pink fuzzy pencil and headed outside to do her homework.

As I was working in the kitchen I looked up to make sure
all was "OK" outside and this was what I saw.

I must took my breath away just a little bit.

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's a Junlge Over Here!!

Girls were off of school they were recovering from being sick last night...just a fever and cough...but enough to make them lay low today. By this afternoon Amber was asking me to use markers to become a tiger. I knew that I didn't have the patience to try to scrub that off I pulled out the Halloween paints...which are never too far away for days just like this. So now we have a tiger (Amber) a leopard (Camryn) and a spider (Tyler).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Deep Thoughts by Tyler

He is my kid who thinks about things. I love that. One of my favorite questions lately has been, "Mom, how did God make himself?" explaining that one.

But today our conversation went something like this:

Tyler: "Mom, how did you and dad hear God tell you to go to Carmel?" (our church)

Mom: "What do you mean?"

Tyler: "Well, how did you hear him. How did you know He wanted you to choose this church?"

Mom: So...I don't remember word for word what I said, but I tried to keep it short and on his level. Something about talking to God about what you want and that we had tried different churches and some we didn't like and some were just ok, but with Carmel God gave us a peace in our hearts and we both really liked it and liked the kids programs...I really didn't feel like I rambled. However, at the end I said, "So, does that make sense a little?"

Tyler: "Mom, sometimes kids lose a tooth when they are 5."

Mom: "Yes....yes they do." ....said with a little chuckle.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Music to my ears....

Oh my!!

You can't help but laugh. They were all into it!! This was the first time they had ever done anything spontaneously musical...can you tell?!
Do you think it has a bit of a "Napol'eon D'ynomite" feel to it?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dog Pile

This is what happens when I leave the laundry laying around for too long.
At least it was BEFORE I washed them!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More color...

As my blog heading says...I love the color they add to my's an example.
I mean really!? How can you NOT love it?!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The squeaky wheel....

Yes...that's me...the squeaky wheel. And I don't do it intentionally or because I expect my dad to fix it for me, but somehow that's the order things happen around here.

My dad visits.
He hears me complaining about an issue in the house.
He starts to experience the issue.
He leaves.
He returns weeks or months later for another visit and I'm still whining.
He experiences the issue more.
Then he fixes it.

Here are the most recent. Now...I actually never whined about this one (but my husband may have). I was perfectly OK with the pile of brooms, mops etc...that I left leaning behind my laundry room door in a corner....not a problem. I knew how best to stack them against each other so they didn't fall all over the place. However, when I was gone in November in Cincinnati, I came home to this:

And this....

...if only I had "before" pictures...but I didn't know he was doing it...and I wasn't home.

And Christmas.....!!!!! (I still love them)

NO silly!!! Not those!!! Those were the awful awful awful ones!!! NEVER BUY THEM!! The inside parts would literally crumble onto the floor every time I had to change a lightbulb...which was a process in itself...even if it didn't disintegrate during the changing. That's not to mention the shadows of myself that would be cast onto the food I was cooking...which meant I was always cooking at an angle so I could see. Plus they were hideous and didn't go with the pretty kitchen. Do you get it? Have I made myself clear?! They were AWFUL!! I think my dad picked up on my frustration. Because he arrived at Christmas time and this was our conversation:

Dad: "Stacy, you have 3 burnt out lights."
Me: "I know...but I hate them and it steals all my joy to have to change the lightbulbs...and now there are 3 which is 3 times my joy is stolen from me." (something along those lines...I don't remember word for word)
Dad: "OK - let's go to Home Depot. Now."

So we did. And as we stood there looking at the lights deciding how many to buy, I decided to only buy one box, because sure. He said, "You'll probably end up wanting 2 sets." and I said, "Well, then I'll just come back for them, but we'll try just one now." (foreshadowing: Dad's are SO smart about these things)

THESE....are the pretty ones!!

Do you notice that there are 2? Yea, we got the first ones up and I looked at my dad and said, "You're right, we need another one". Do you know what he said?! "I already bought one last time I went...I knew you'd change your mind." See....SO smart!!

But they are so pretty. Shortly after we first moved in, he also installed roller shelves for my pots and pans so they weren't clanging and falling and stacked on top of each other each time I needed to get one. I love my rolling shelves. LOVE them. Just like my new kitchen lights. LOVE them.

I think my closet is the next thing I'll start whining about! :O)

Christmas Shepherds

At our church this Christmas, they had many different "scenes" set up for you to take family pictures at after the Christmas Eve services.
There was also apple cider and cookies throughout.

It was a lot of fun...ahem.

As someone commented as I'm dragging the group to this one (because I knew there were costumes involved and we all needed to laugh)..."This is the mandatory fun part of the night"!

We had so much fun doing it...even my folks and my brother-in-law were great sports about it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bad day at school

It was a bad day at school yesterday. She came home in tears. Nothing she had done...mainly she was upset because since the majority of the class was not well behaved yesterday no one got the special treat at the end of the day. And when she misses out on a sugary's a bad day. I had to snap the picture before going and comforting because it was just precious.

(OK - I have downloaded a bunch of pictures and have a lot of catching up to do on blogging.
I promise to be working on it over the next few days.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


....who's there?!

ME!!! I am still here and alive. Do you know what I realized the other day about my blog? I never post on it because I'm never at my computer!! Ever since Eric was "blessed" with an iPad from work I use that...however I can't update from that so I find I'm rarely up here on the computer.

We had 3 snow days plus a 2 hour delay last week because of 3 inches of snow and about 1/8" ice.
Kids are back in school this week here and there. Holiday yesterday for Tyler...girls had to go to school to make up one of the snow days. Tyler goes to school Friday, but the girls are off for teacher work day.
I am still running. Yesterday I really fought it and it wasn't my best day...but I did it. I was having self-inflicted internal tantrums about things that didn't happen. If you were inside my mind you would totally get it. I'm slowly working my way out of it.
I have suddenly decided I needed to craft. I am following new blogs and getting ideas, spending money, trying to craft between chores...nothing is really getting accomplished....both chores and crafts. But oh well..I'm enjoying it.
Eric has started working out again and I'm very proud of him. He gets up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the gym. He's trying to encourage me to get up at that time too so I can get things done before the kids get up....and as much as I want to in my body doesn't really care to be up that early...but I keep thinking that one morning I'll succeed.
We thought one of the dogs was getting really sick because she decided to stop eating for 4 days. I didn't rush her to the vet...I tried to give it sometime, but she wasn't getting better. So as soon as I took her to the vet, spent $200 for blood work and it came back normal...then and only then did she decide she could start eating again. seriously?! Only Maggie.

So - that's that. You haven't missed a lot. I promise I'll try to do better.