Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 13.1

Yes, yes...I'm on the bandwagon. my's not to just run a 1/2 marathon. Ever since I didn't make the 1996 Olympic team I have had issues setting goals. My honest thought process...."Why set them? If I don't set them and I still fail...then it won't hurt as much."

However...I'm fighting through that. It's time to put on my big girl pants and start achieving again. So...with the wonderful comradeship of my dear friend Holly, I am running in this 1/2 marathon in May!!

I am excited. I can't wait. I've already started running and practicing...although I haven't started the official training program yet. Holly has ran one previous 1/2, so at least one of us will know what's going on!

So far, I find that every new milestone that I achieve seems to be emotional. Running my first 4 mile run was emotional...never done that before. Today, I ran my farthest of 5.6 miles (on a treadmill...but still...), but because I never know how accurate treadmills actually are, I set a goal of running for 1 hour. That was emotional when I accomplished it. I wanted to turn around and hug the guy next to me and say...LOOK!!! I DID IT!!! But I didn't...I used restraint! :O) Instead, Holly, my dad and Lisa will continually get texts as soon as I have a good run...they will be the guy next to me!! Of course Eric gets it first hand when I see him!

Here we go!!!