Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Pond

...well, that's what I'm calling it.

Having a child who is hearing impaired makes school a struggle. One area that you might not realize immediately...although obvious once you think about it...is poetry/rhyming. Hard enough for a typical kid...extremely difficult for a hard of hearing kid.

Amber tries SO hard at rhyming but doesn't get it. She'll say, "Mom...spaghetti & spoon rhyme!" So she understands that something is similar in the words, she doesn't understand it should be the end of the word. Lately she's been saying things like "Mom...watch & watch rhyme!! Like the watch that you wear and the watch like I'm watching you!" Ok - closer!! We are making progress.

Anyway - this morning before school she was writing a poem. I paid no attention other than she was using the word "pond"...and I tried to give her a couple of words that rhyme with pond. She handed it to me, but I was in the middle of scrambling eggs so I just told her to put it on the counter. I just saw it 5 minutes ago and wanted to cry because it is her FIRST EVER poem that she has written and I wanted to laugh because it has Amber's personality all over it!

What do you think?? You should be able to click on it and see a full-size version.

Oh - Do you LOVE LOVE LOVE the letterhead??!! Maybe I'm hormonal because that made me tear-up too!!


Holly said...

nope. not hormones...I'm teary eyed!
what a miracle!!!!
LOVE it!

linda said...

Sock in the Pond is beautiful... tears are OKKKKKK...
Don't put it past this little writer to become a beautiful poet!

Heather said...

wow. tears, yes. she is amazing!