Sunday, November 14, 2010

In a blog fog

Yes - I'm alive. Just in a blog fog...doesn't that explain it all? It should because you probably come here day after day looking for new pictures of the kids with the latest and greatest...and yet nothing...still front yard fall fun....or whatever the most recent post is.

Kids are good. Halloween was sugary. Sports are over! Girls' birthday party is done. This is our first weekend in months that we had NOTHING planned...and when looking at my house you can tell that I did almost nothing this weekend and was ok with that.

I don't like my camera. My favorite father-in-law gave me a replacement camera last year for Christmas after mine was hit by a water feature at a park. Then, one of my children decided to try to push the lens of my new camera back into it....yeah...only a few months after Christmas. So I researched and chose.....I chose poorly. I tried to choose according to price and features, but you get what you pay for and everytime I think I have a cute picture and I download it...I'm sad.

So - I KNOW I take better pictures than what I would post. pride. darn pride. it gets me everytime.

I will upload my poor quality pictures this week because I will need clean cards for our trip to Cincinnati.

All of that to say that blogging is about great pictures and the stories that go along with them....and I don't feel I have it. SO...I'm in a blog fog.

Also - I'm working through some self motivation issues that take me away from the computer....which is probably very healthy on all levels.

Plus...Eric got an Ipad and that means I can do most everything from my kitchen when it comes to being online....except updating my blog. So I just don't get up to the main computer much.

Is that enough excuses for you?

I'm sorry. :O) Bear with me...hang in there. I have a massive amount of pictures on my camera whether I like them or not....Maybe I'll just do a few blog pages of nothing but pictures!! I'm sure it will be worth coming back for!!


linda said...

I love your blogs and I can wait a while for all the groggs :o)

Style Attic said...

Any picture is a great picture and I love them all :) Post away!!!