Monday, October 25, 2010

Front yard Fall Fun

The other day I had to rake leaves and I started to do it just before the girls got off the bus.
I thought...what better way to arrive home from a long day at
school than to a huge pile of leaves to play in?!
I was right...there was no better!

And maybe some classic chalk work...

Tyler's diligence...

Can you tell where she sat?....

Friday, October 22, 2010

and now for the rest of the camping story....

There are alway 2 sides of every story...or picture. So I decided to also post the less picture-perfect of the shots I took. They all make me grin or laugh or really laugh.

This is Tyler getting frustrated with Camryn about something right before family pictures.

This is Sophie and Maggie...I can't decide if it's cool or creepy...

This is Sam....she's still beautiful...even with her cheesy grin!

This is fear of bugs...

This is Sophie (l) and Nora (r). Nora SO did not want to take this picture.
I would have said "no worries"...but her dad made her listen to me and come take the picture...this is what the outcome was!

There was a lot of this. She's not the most behaved dog...

Can you see Holly saying, "Stop yawning and just smile!" (this was all funny!)

Jake & Eric...who knows....but it makes me grin...
OK - Holly may disown me as her friend...but this makes me
laugh hard everytime I look at it. It's SO not Holly...but it still is all at the same time!!
I love you and you are SO real life!
Attempted child-taken picture.
Remember that picture in the previous post...?
This was taken first...which resulted in my laughing face in the cute picture...
Holly was taking family pictures of us with my camera...She just told me that our camera has "insufficient battery life"...and it died...
Amber...with her s'mores face...

I think here, she was just ready to stick her whole head into the bag to eat them... that's the rest of the story....

Monday, October 18, 2010


Let this be fair warning that there is lots of cuteness and smiles intertwined in these pictures.
It was a perfect camping trip once we got going!

We started with a couple of strikes.

Strike one: we lost our camper's spare tire and the arm it was on somewhere between home and the lake. Not sure what happened and really hope it didn't cause anyone any problems.

Strike two: It was raining and chilly when we arrived...we had postponed our arrival for a day because the weather was supposed to be beautiful! But it did clear up as we were setting up.

Here is what it cleared up to look like...
this was taken next to our camper...this was our view all weekend!!
The rest of these are in no particular order...
Tyler learning how to use a walkie talkie.
Tyler and his new "friend" Samantha.
See....they were too cute this weekend. Just buds. I'm not allowed to betroth them...yet.
These were the brave males of the group. Jake & Eric, Tyler & Crosley.
This is of the other curly headed-identical twins that we went with this weekend.
S'mores after lunch for children is SO much better than right before bedtime...for everyone involved!
Samantha...I think she's the next official S'mores spokesperson...don't you think?
Sophie (purple) and Nora (blue), loved the dogs this weekend. Which is good because the dogs stayed tied up most of the weekend.
In the words of Holly..."The cutest breakfast EVER!" I couldn't agree more.
I love this of Holly & Jake! Their little girl was trying to take their picture, so I snapped a couple of the whole situation...Jake was horsing around...and I caught the eye-roll from Holly too. Classic love.
This was at the beginning of the day...Jake battled the tent and won!
My fun friend Holly cooking breakfast in the cold wind...we moved cooking locations after this...
Us...through the chaos!!
Holly...just being Holly.
Oh look....a picture of Eric & I. love it.
oh...another one!!
Camryn and her camping buddy, Lydia (Holly's oldest)
Amber being Amber....she found this stump that she pretended was a horse!
I don't get many genuine smiles snaptured from Amber...this one makes me grin everytime!
Dad & Amber
Cuteness in the camper (Lydia, Camryn, Samantha)

And for even more pictures....go see Holly

Needless to say, it was amazing. Fun, easy, awesome. Definitely worth doing with this family whenever we can make it work!!

Holly makes a good point on her blog...7 kids...only scrapes and bonks, no major owies!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am in the "Getting Ready" mode. We leave tomorrow morning for Virginia to meet our dear friends, The Panters, for a fun and wild camping trip this weekend.
Looks like we'll mostly have good weather...minus the arrival day.

Why will it be wild do you ask? Well. 2 families.
4 adults. 7 children 7 years old and younger! 2 dogs.

I'm planning, pre-cooking, packing, shopping, cleaning, organizing (ha...well...attempting).

Thankfully Holly is very laid back and organized so I'm sure that what we don't bring,
the other will, and if not, we'll be flexible enough to figure something out.

Here we go....

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Dad's Love

When you think of a dad and the love he has for his little girls...
you think about the first time he holds her...
or her dancing with him while standing on his feet...
or him carrying her to bed when she fell fast asleep before they made it home...
or walking his little girl down the isle...

A lot of times it includes sweet images of softness, tenderness,
endearing moments of a little girl and her dad.

What I am quick to forget about is that the love he had for me way back then,
in all those moments, is still there...but it's so much more now.

I try not to have a honey-do (or daddy-do) list of things for my dad when he comes. He does SO much for everyone that I feel bad about asking him to help out. But this time he never stopped.

It was very difficult to be on the receiving end of so much help and love. His love language is acts of service...hands question. But so is I think it means SO much to me because we speak the same language.

Pictures don't show the blood, sweat, and swearing :O) that went with some of these pictures, but it's the best I can do to show what he did in 2 short weeks.

It started out like us at his new's where they live and they love it!

Then it quickly went to this...

...and this...

Which turned into 2 of these....

And in the meantime there was the camper that collapsed...
thankfully in our driveway AFTER our camping trip
...and so there was this...
(this is was the hardest thing to watch because it wasn't easy and things kept breaking and he kept fighting and kept fixing)
...and I felt like I did A LOT of this...

And all he wanted to do was to teach the grandkids how to fish (I'm sure my mom has more pictures of the actual fishing, but I only got the practice session)

So - my view of a daddy's love for his little girl has matured past the picture perfect sweetness. It continues and grows and hurts and sweats and swears and gets up the next day to do it all again...without expecting anything in return. To say "I'm so glad this all happened (re: the camper) while I was here so I could help you".

I love you dad. Thanks for EVERYTHING.