Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Things I know about me:

* I am laid back (sometimes to a fault)
* I like organization
* I am bad at organization (except my tupperware and kids dining ware)
* Dog hair drives me crazy and we have 3 large dogs...2 of whom shed ALL year.
* Dirty floors in my house drive me crazy, especially since I walk barefoot and feel all the grime
* I have 3 young, busy kids...which make the whole organization thing insane to me.
* I have an awesome, yet busy, husband.
* I have issues that I'm working through (and they are quite comical once I verbalize them...but that's a different post).
* It takes me a long time to decide on decor.
* I am a fence-sitter. I can see both sides of things pretty easily and have a hard time being "against" the same time I find I'm not passionate about a lot for the same reason.
* I get bored of my surrounds my house and decor and clothes and pictures...hence the reason it takes me a long time to commit on anything.
* I love to rearrange is a quick fix.
* I love red. I have been known to buy things just because they are red and pretty...and I almost always regret it.
* I hate planning dinners.
* I love opening mail.
* I'm a pretty good speller, but not so great at punctuation....I think I use too many comas.
* There are few things in the world that make me walk taller for the day than a good haircut & color.
* I love Toyota Landcruisers...the old kind. Everytime I see one my heart skips a beat and I want to follow the driver and just say, "OOOO...I used to have one of those!"
* I'm glad my 2nd toe is shorter than my big toe.
* If I could live off of chocolate chip cookies with icing and cokes...I would.
* I love Mr* Clean erasers and Downey Wrinkle release and scrubbing bubbles and the bug bite stick.
* I'm rarely without a pack of gum in my purse, one in my car, and one in the canister in my kitchen.
* I cry at simple sappy things very easy, but I don't easily let myself cry when I'm hurting.
* I wish I liked to read more, but I don't.
* I don't need a lot of friends, just a handful of great ones.
* I love stupid comedy...movies and stand up....if I laugh 'til I cry, I'm happy.
* I'm amazed at how things that hurt me so long ago can still tug at my heart.
* I'm learning to listen twice as hard and often as I speak since God gave me 2 ears and 1 mouth.

I could go deeper....but that's it for now.


Derek and Betsy said...

"I'm glad my 2nd toe is shorter than my big toe." That is funny- my big toe is shorter than my 2nd:)

Style Attic said...

We are definitely kindred spirits ;)