Friday, August 6, 2010

We pulled it off!!

I'm not sure how, but we did. My dad's last day of work, before retiring, was last Friday. Us kids had been scheming (as we do often) to surprise my dad at work. Our plan was to all be outside his office when he walked out. Only God could have worked it all out so perfectly. Between cancelled flights, late flights, car trouble and a dad who was anxious to leave, I really didn't think we were all going to be there when he was ready to walk out.

Eric and I met up with Lisa and we rode the subway downtown. On the walk from the subway to our dad's was almost blown. See the man in the black shirt behind the 3 ladies walking this way? That's my dad. (my mom is next to him) They came out of a side street only about 30 yds in front of us. We scrambled to find a place to hide just incase...because if we were loud enough he would have heard us....that's how close he was.

Heather, her husband, and Josh were about 20 minutes behind us, although we didn't know that.

This is us, including my cousin, waiting with one of dad's assistants to go surprise him. She came downstairs to find us because one of the other gals was trying to stall dad in his office...telling him that his boss had called earlier, but he'd be calling back around noon.
At the time of this picture, it was about 11:48 a.m.

This is Josh - who managed to hook up with Heather & Reese
as they got off the subway, so they all showed up together.
This is Heather & Reese...I love his expression....

We all filed into my dad's office and surprised the heck out of him. First it was Eric & I and the kids...and in all reality us showing up would have been the most understandable since we live closest...but as the rest of the crew filed in, it was priceless.

This is my cousin, Luke. He had a flag flown over the capital building that morning in honor of my dad, then presented it to him with a certificate.
(He works at the capital, and therefore has connections.)Reese still has a disgusted look on his face...I'm beginning to think he's just not photogenic!

The walk back to the subway brought a lot of smiles to the workers of DC...I mean...
wouldn't seeing this make you smile too?
Dinner was on the river...and it was perfect weather, yummy food, and great company.

Grandad and his grandkids

Congratulations Dad & Mom...we love you!
They are buying a big truck and 5th wheel camper and traveling the US (and surrounding areas) for awhile (like 2 years) until they find that "AH-HA" place that they are looking for.

I wanna say something funny and smart-alic in closing, but I'm so honored to have parents who are adventurous and who still like each other!
Just give us a few hours notice when you plan on swinging by!! Love you!


Style Attic said...

So fun!! Lovely story :)

Derek and Betsy said...

Very cool!!! Glad it turned out so well. DW