Sunday, August 8, 2010

i hate bathrooms....

....they went to the bathroom before we left the church.

....they went at the restaurant. (Camryn promised me she had to go really bad...then freaked herself out by the flush-by-itself potty...then told me she didn't have to go....I think I literally scared the pee out of her....)

....they went at Home.Depot...15 minutes after we left the restaurant.

....2 of them went 10 minutes later while still at HD...because for some reason pee and poop do not happen at the same time.



Style Attic said...

we should probably never road trip together! i used to have the bladder of champs. but now, having kids and a blubbery gut i have to go all the time!! i hear ya ;)

Sarah said...

I wish we had boys so Tim could help out! Lately Elise is freaked out about locked doors so this has made going to the bathroom in public even more fun!

The AB club said...

The 10 minutes later thing to go poop drives me crazy!!! I thought it was just my kids.