Friday, August 20, 2010


They girls have been asking to get their hair cut all summer. I don't take them very often...I think the last time they had it cut was May 2009. no joke.

I made them wait through the summer so I could braid it and pull it off their neck and out of their face. But since school starts next week I made an appointment with my gal Monica.

They love it...and they'll ask me everyday for straight hair now...

Now you see it....(Camryn)
The girls weren't tall enough for the they stood, Monica sat...

Split "hair-sonalities". They were so excited she offered to blow it straight.

The view from behind...Cam loved it!
...Can't you tell?
Amber's turn...She was kneeling on a huge pillow in order to reach.

Do unto yo do unto the other...

They loved their hair so much they twirled with laughter and excitement together...quite cute.
...Now you don't...


Holly said...

oh my gosh! so cute. so fun.

and how on earth did we do that on the same day!?

Style Attic said...

THEY LOOK SO DARN AMAZING! Cute regardless of the hair factor, but that hair is perfection! I love the photo of them swinging their heads, I totally know that feeling :) What a great day!

Derek and Betsy said...

Love their hairstyles! They are so cute:)