Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Journals

It was art & craft day at the Grogg's. I have wanted to to summer journals for the kids...and since the summer is half-way over I thought now would be the perfect time! :O) I've seen a couple different ideas while blog-hopping, and kind of put them all together.

Basic composition notebooks
white sheet paper
water colors
glitter glue
more glitter
dot paints
and a lot of packing tape

1) Have them decorate the paper however they want....but lesson learned...measure and trim the paper before letting them decorate. (in the excitement of the moments I forget the obvious sometimes)

Camryn's in progress:

Amber's in progress...she told me she was painting ladders by a tree. I see that.

Tyler's in progress. He told me he was using pink too because he can do whatever he wants since it's his.

After the paintings and globs of glitter glue have dried...glue the paper onto the notebooks (trim paper....like I said...do it first...it's easier and you don't have to decide which side of the artwork gets cut off)

Then I added their names...then I used a lot of packing tape to cover the covers like a laminate. It worked really well.

Now if they will actually use them...

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Style Attic said...

It's a beautiful start and a fabulous effort so far!