Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I hate spiders...but....

...this was REALLY impressive. I'm really glad it wasn't somewhere I could have walked through it. And I think the only reason I saw it was because it was a very misty morning and the web was actually covered in a light mist/dew.

I finally got a black bath towel and recruited Amber to carefully hold it up behind the spider. By the time I got around to this side of the web the spider ran and hid so he's not in it anymore.

I then got the tape measure out....3' high (not including the attachment strands) and 2' wide.

I showed the kids and they thought it was cool...but when we were walking into the house Tyler said, "Look! There's another one!!" Sure enough, another one in the yard between a couple of trees....right at face-height...that one will need to come down.

This one can stay for a little bit....

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Style Attic said...

OH-MY-WORD...I am SPEECHLESS............ Ok, just picked up my jaw off of the floor. I'm just as impressed by you having the perfect large black beach towel as a backdrop! "Sweetie, look in mums Mary Poppins bag, there should be an Egyptian Cotton, elite sized, in "noir" black, freshly laundered. It would be perfect for this shot. Oh, and my camera is right here too!" You are amazing :)