Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Old Sibbling Rivalry!

Do you know what these are?! Swim necklaces!!
Up until Sunday afternoon, there would have only been 2 yellow ones!

To get a yellow necklace, you must swim about 1/3 of the pool.
This allows you access to the smaller tunnel slides
...which are still good size for little kids.

To get the green necklace you must swim the length
of the pool and tread water for 60 seconds.
This gets you access to the whole pool plus the adults slides without needing supervision.

Eric and I are always in the pool helping them and trying to teach them,
since we didn't do actual swim lessons this year.

Camryn was the first one to get her green necklace! Way to go girl!!
As soon as she finished Amber said, "I want to do it too."
No problem! Great job Amber!

Then Tyler started crying because he didn't have any necklace.
We really didn't think he could do it. He's really struggled being consistant.
So...while I was watching the girls and helping them on the large slides...
Eric convinced Tyler to keep practicing.
Well...the next thing I knew...Tyler was crawling out of the pool
with a yellow necklace on!!!!

WHAT?!! Eric said that Tyler swam it 3 times in a row before actually doing it for the lifeguard. I have never seen a little kid more proud of themselves!!
He went down those slides like nobody's business all afternoon!!

I'll try to get pictures of the slides soon! It was SO fun. Eric and I just stood on the deck between the two sets of slides just watching in disbelief with what had just happened!

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