Thursday, July 29, 2010

Muddy, buggy kind of a morning

It's finally a cool far. It's not even 9 o'clock and the kids are deep into playing outside in the mud...LOVE it!!

Nothing says summertime better than kids playing in the mud....truly

This is "poison"...they make it often, although I'm not sure for who.
I think it started when they witnessed me making homemade ant poison once.

We interrupt this poison making session for a nature discovery...

And almost an hour later...they are still playing with the cicada...or Amber is calling it.

Beach Trip 2010

Let's start here...

Over 2 days, through 2 movies and a lot of Tom & Jerry....I put cornrows in Amber's hair. It took forever, but I felt it was worth the time investment...
it lasted well over a week...all through beach and vacation.

We had so much fun with Eric's family (his dad, sister, her husband, and their 2 daughters).
His sister's family came all the way from Colorado.

Us with Eric's dad.

I love these kids!

I tell you...there's something about my kids from this angle that is sweet, innocent and precious...
Oh I know!!!'s the absence of the forced smile!

My color is off in this, I'm still trying to get it tweaked just right, but I love their bright colors!

Do you like it better in black & white?

He left his blackberry & computer at was lovely...
and it was SO nice to have so much time and so much fun wit him!

Betsy & Derek

I need to find a place to frame and hang this one...

Last day - trying to finish the popsicles before getting in the car....
you've got to love the timeless picture of a popsicle tongue!

It was wonderful. Thank you Webers & Jim for making the trip.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I hate spiders...but....

...this was REALLY impressive. I'm really glad it wasn't somewhere I could have walked through it. And I think the only reason I saw it was because it was a very misty morning and the web was actually covered in a light mist/dew.

I finally got a black bath towel and recruited Amber to carefully hold it up behind the spider. By the time I got around to this side of the web the spider ran and hid so he's not in it anymore.

I then got the tape measure out....3' high (not including the attachment strands) and 2' wide.

I showed the kids and they thought it was cool...but when we were walking into the house Tyler said, "Look! There's another one!!" Sure enough, another one in the yard between a couple of trees....right at face-height...that one will need to come down.

This one can stay for a little bit....

Summer Journals

It was art & craft day at the Grogg's. I have wanted to to summer journals for the kids...and since the summer is half-way over I thought now would be the perfect time! :O) I've seen a couple different ideas while blog-hopping, and kind of put them all together.

Basic composition notebooks
white sheet paper
water colors
glitter glue
more glitter
dot paints
and a lot of packing tape

1) Have them decorate the paper however they want....but lesson learned...measure and trim the paper before letting them decorate. (in the excitement of the moments I forget the obvious sometimes)

Camryn's in progress:

Amber's in progress...she told me she was painting ladders by a tree. I see that.

Tyler's in progress. He told me he was using pink too because he can do whatever he wants since it's his.

After the paintings and globs of glitter glue have dried...glue the paper onto the notebooks (trim I it's easier and you don't have to decide which side of the artwork gets cut off)

Then I added their names...then I used a lot of packing tape to cover the covers like a laminate. It worked really well.

Now if they will actually use them...

Safety 101

As much fun as he is having....don't let him run around the yard chasing his dad with a sprinkler that has a 5" stake at the bottom....

Eric did finally switch with Tyler...but I was done taking pictures at that time.
It was a great father-son bonding moment!!

Good Old Sibbling Rivalry!

Do you know what these are?! Swim necklaces!!
Up until Sunday afternoon, there would have only been 2 yellow ones!

To get a yellow necklace, you must swim about 1/3 of the pool.
This allows you access to the smaller tunnel slides
...which are still good size for little kids.

To get the green necklace you must swim the length
of the pool and tread water for 60 seconds.
This gets you access to the whole pool plus the adults slides without needing supervision.

Eric and I are always in the pool helping them and trying to teach them,
since we didn't do actual swim lessons this year.

Camryn was the first one to get her green necklace! Way to go girl!!
As soon as she finished Amber said, "I want to do it too."
No problem! Great job Amber!

Then Tyler started crying because he didn't have any necklace.
We really didn't think he could do it. He's really struggled being consistant.
So...while I was watching the girls and helping them on the large slides...
Eric convinced Tyler to keep practicing.
Well...the next thing I knew...Tyler was crawling out of the pool
with a yellow necklace on!!!!

WHAT?!! Eric said that Tyler swam it 3 times in a row before actually doing it for the lifeguard. I have never seen a little kid more proud of themselves!!
He went down those slides like nobody's business all afternoon!!

I'll try to get pictures of the slides soon! It was SO fun. Eric and I just stood on the deck between the two sets of slides just watching in disbelief with what had just happened!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A gift from my son...

Setting: We are sitting in the car waiting for the library to open
and the kids are all throughout the car.

Tyler: Mom! I forgot to give you something!
We found it before we went to Lisa & Louie's and we forgot it in the car.
(said as he's carefully crawling over the seats to get to me.)

*Tyler open's hand*

Tyler: It's a dead ladybug! I kind of knocked it's head off. You can keep it!!

Mom: Wow. Thanks.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Silence is golden

In the past I have always been oddly lucky.
When most parents fear sudden silence in their house
I have always....always...found kids reading.
I understand it seems unreal, but it's true
...part of it is because they don't work's usually 3 against 1...someone is always willing to rat the other 2 out...
so silence isn't usually a bad thing.

Today, was a bit different.
We had been at the pool for about 3 hours this morning, and I when we got home I made lunch. I started realizing how quiet it was and that I hadn't seen anyone in awhile.
I went up to get them (I took my camera to prove they were reading)...
but this is what I actually found....

It's been forever since they have all three taken naps...
let alone gone and done it on their own.
They slept for 2 hours!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hi to the Panters!

Since I didn't have a camera and she did, and she already posted...I'm just linking to her blog. I was her maid of honor, but more than that we are life-long heart-friends. The military keeps bringing them closer to me, I'm hoping one day they'll be just around the corner!!

She was pregnant for almost 2 years straight...and got 4 kids from the deal. Her youngest are identical twins with curly hair. I must say between the two of us we've got really cute kids!!