Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tyler's Birthday #5

His birthday was in April, his party was in May...
I'm posting this in June....
this is why I am the best mother ever!!

How did my little special surprise from God...turn 5 already?!
We love you Tyler!!
Family Party, night of actual birthday - tearing through presents! "These are great....but where's what I really wanted?"


"Tyler, let me help...."

"I knew she'd be here!!"
(This is his beloved Lady's his favorite because she never causes confusion or delay
...his words...
he broke it less than 5 minutes later and hasn't played with it since...)

This is his very homemade carnival party...but I must say it was a lot of fun!
But I didn't get a lot of pictures.

The kids played all my homemade games, then would go back to the blue basket and get a toy...then they'd go play another game...go get another toy...some walked away with a lot of loot!

I didn't even make the birthday cake....
I found a double-decker cookie cake for $15
(which is what I was going to make anyway and this saved me a lot of time and sanity!)

Make a wish my sweet's to another wonderful year!

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Style Attic said...

You are a GREAT mother and Tyler's birthday was a great time for all to remember :)