Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm honored to call him "Dad"

This is the email my dad just sent out announcing his retirement. I couldn't be more proud of him for his hard work, dedication and enjoyment of his job for longer than I've been around. I pray nothing but enjoyment for his retirement. May he accomplish all that is on his list.

His announcement:

I have been dodging questions on this for a couple of months now but "the
rumors abound" so I might as well fess up and make it official. My last
day with the BLM will be August 1st. After a close friend passed away
about 18 months ago, before he could retire, it made me look long and hard
at my hold card and it became more and more evident that there were many
more things to do than continue to work. Working for the BLM all of these
years has been a great experience with wonderful friends and I have really
enjoyed it. You won't find better people anywhere, but you all know that.

But it is time... Everyone told me "when it's time you will know it" but
in my own way I never believed them - it had to be more difficult and
complicated than that, but it's not! It's been a great journey, but it's
time for a new journey. It's time take Linda to all the wonderful places
I've seen and she hasn't. It's time to teach the grandkids how to fish and
camp. It's time to build my "cedar strip canoe" that I've carried the
plans around for since 1978. It's time to help Lisa and Louie fix up their
house, since he will be on his 4th deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan or
somewhere (it's always a secret). It's time to mooch off the other 3 kids
from time to time as well. It's time to restore my 1971 240Z (again).
It's time to ride my bike and not have to commute to work avoiding all the
joggers on the bike path. It's time to put the off-road tires back on and
climb the trails at Moab or participate in the Tour de France (well maybe
not that one). It's time to enjoy the Walt Disney World "Food and Wine
Festival" again without having to worry about getting back to work (you
know - Take time to smell the roses, or in my case taste the wine!). But
most of all, it's time to enjoy what God has to offer us.

Each time we have moved we have put our trust in what is to come and have
not looked back. We have always been amazed what is around the next bend.
We have approached each change as an adventure and this one will be no
different. We are going to buy a trailer and travel, seeing and
experiencing all that this wonderful country has to offer until we decide
where we will land, but first we have always had to see what is over the
next hill (the perceiver in both of us). So if anyone knows of a good deal
on a 5th wheel trailer let me know.

May all of you enjoy your life with the Bureau as much as I have! Life is
about your decisions, may you always choose the right path and your trails
be free of "Griz" (bears for those of you who are not Jeremiah Johnson


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