Monday, June 14, 2010

The faces of 1st Grade

I find myself incredibly overwhelmed with so many different emotions in regards to these past two years of school here in Charlotte, along with year that's not even here yet. I may be completely unprepared at the start of school next year because I just want to enjoy some time without school drama...and I may enjoy it for a little too long.

Oh hasn't ended. I think that's how it goes when you have a kiddo with any kind of disability added with politics of schools, teachers and interpreters and others who have an opinion whether I want it or not....not to mention the people I request opinions from who refuse to help.

So - with that, I pause for a brief moment to reflect on the incredible people who inspired, challenged, encouraged, motivated and taught my children this year.

Camryn & Amber

Camryn & Miss Nurmi

Amber & Ms. Johnson (teacher's aide)

Amber & Mrs. Hair (1st grade teacher)

Amber & Ms. Pennegar (interpreter)

Camryn & Ms. Kenya (Bus driver)....who on the last day of school made a special trip to their school to drop off gifts and say good-bye.

These people made my emotional roller coaster a smoother ride. The girls fell in love with them and thrived in their classes.

They will be missed, but embedded in our hearts forever~

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