Thursday, June 24, 2010

And they are off....

This is what it looks like to pack for my kids (clothes only) for 1 week at "Camp Lisa & Louie's". Yes these two pics are fuzzy....
but it's a good reflection of how my mind was feeling at this point too.

I met Lisa at the 1/2 way point between us, which was Knoxville, TN...4 hours away. Not bad. But we wanted to spend the day hanging out before driving away, but it was almost 100 and with 3 little kids...and an Aunt Lisa....who do not do well in the hot humid sun...we resorted to a few minutes of splashing at this beautiful water fountain, then found an inside mall
(aka...air conditioning) to walk around in a bit).

Camryn enjoying a quick splash:

They were just slightly excited....even the big kid!
I was trying to take their picture from the other side...
it didn't work like I thought it would, but it was still a cool shot.
OH NO!!!!
What is this I see when I return from my day-long adventure?!! The basket of all the medicines and hearing aid stuff...and ALL their shoes, including the newly bought rain/mud boots I had to go buy just for the trip...all sitting nicely next to my bed where they were forgotten. seriously?! Can I just be done with the absent-mindedness already?!

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Style Attic said...

I love the fuzzy mind shot! And the water one came out very cool as well. I hope they have a grand time and you find something out of the ordinary to enjoy as well :) XO