Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rules Rules Rules

I am really struggling with rules.

All rules and no fun make fun.

No, not that way
Do it again, slower.
Pay attention.
Stop and check if they are ok.
Do this first.
Did you finish that?
Why did you think that was ok?
What are my rules?
Are you listening?
Why did you do that?
Was that a good decision or a bad decision?
Look before you cross.
Pick up this room first.
Pick up that room next.
Work together.
No ice cream until it's done.
No running by the busy street.
No playing with mom's camera.
No, you can't help right now.
Listen to mom & Dad the first time.
Be kind and loving.
Take your shoes off.
Don't ride the dogs.
No running down the stairs.
No painting right now.
Dirty clothes in the hamper.
Make your bed.
Don't just throw the toys in the closet.
Put your shoes in the shoe box!
Flush the toilet.
Wash your hands.
Put away your clothes.
No arguing.
No bugs in the house.
No picking the flowers.
Becareful on the tree.
Don't play with the ant hill.
Stop biting your nails.
Fingers out of your mouth.
Stop picking your nose.
Go to time out.
MOVE. nothing. I'm tired of talking. But now it's time for bed and you don't get dessert.

"WAAAAA!!!!! But I tried!! But I didn't mean to. But Amber did....But Camryn said...But Tyler told me....But I didn't....But it was an accident....I didn't mean to...I'm sorry mom...Please....!!!

This is where we are right now.

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Naomi said...

I totally relate to this. I feel like I spend so much time telling them they're doing the wrong thing that maybe I am going to scar them for life or something... It's exhausting... and really hard not to lose it.