Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Spa" day

The kids were playing outside...I was sitting on the deck with my eyes closed. Soon it was "spa" time. The cold water and art brushes came out and I was "painted", "cleaned", "groomed"...and in the eyes of the girls...made to look like Princess Cinderella so I was beautiful for Dad. I think he was speechless...

I was to pretend to be sleeping most of the time.

Tyler is the photographer. These are my butterfly rings...

One of my many looks through-out the session.

This was actually not was to keep me from getting bit by mosquitos.

This is the finished product. They even went into my closet to get new clothes for me to put on over my old ones. Camryn didn't like that you could see my black & white shirt under the grey tank so she got a tea-towel and gave me puffy sleeves like Cinderella's dress...(I'm not sure why this is underlined...)

Surprisingly it was quite relaxing....minus the occasional sopping wet and very cold paint brush in the ear.

There were 2 things I stopped...Tyler cutting my hair...and Amber using a toothbrush to clean my ears and then attempt to brush my teeth. Other than that I must say I was a pretty good sport!


Holly said...

jealous ;-)

Naomi said...

Ha!! You look fabulous!!
My blog keeps randomly underlining stuff too. Like if I put text too close to a picture or something.