Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh pickles!

It's been quite interesting to listen to Camryn pick up on slang from school.

I'm not against it, I understand that is 100% part of growing up and learning to sensor.

It's also great learning/teaching opportunities. I mean heck....the first time she said, "D*mn it Tyler, be quiet"....was pretty funny and I had to confess it was from me. Not that I ever said that to Tyler...but D.I. was a frequent phrase of mine.

In the computer, FB, blog, texting world, the initials "WTF" stand for "What the..." know. But if you listen - a lot of people will just exclaim "What the..." without finishing it...but we all think it!

"What the...!?" was one of the ones Camryn picked up on...sadly...from me. In advertantly. It's not so bad going from 34 year old friend to 34 year old friend. But coming from the lips of a 6 year old it's a bit "brow-raising."

We were able to get past that one eventually...although it took some self control and awareness on her part.

"That sucks"...I only heard one time and laughed....because again, it's from me...

....wait a minute...did I say she's picked up on this stuff at school?! Hmmm....self-refelction inserted here...

However, "Oh my G.." was one that she did not hear from me. And as funny as the others sounded...this was not humorous at all.

I always try to handle it matter-of-fact, make it a non-chalant conversation and not get mad. "Where did you hear it?" "I know it sounds funny". blah blah blah. But this one allowed for a much more heart-felt discussion about the respect we show God and the love we have for Him and His name.

It was much easier for her (although it still took a handful of slip-ups) to cease this phrase, than some of the others, undertanding the seriousness of it.

Today she came home saying "Oh pickles!" I think I'll adopt this one and drop some of...ok all other ones.

oh pickles....


Holly said...

I heard a lady speak once and she said she numbered her curse words when she was trying to quit.

So, instead of D.I. you could say #1!
or instead of "What the..." you could say #2?


my kids do the same thing....and they are 90% from

Derek and Betsy said...

"Oh Pickles" is a phrase we use also that Morgan thought of when she was younger. I respect you for not using God's name in vain and teaching the children to use wholesome talk and trying to model it for them. DW

Naomi said...

We don't use the Lords name in vain, but I didn't even know the other ones were cuss words... I guess that means I'm a bad mom!
Have you seen Fantastic Mr. Fox? They said "cuss" instead of bad words- for a while after seeing it, my kids would say "what the cuss?!"... Matt and I still do it.