Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mud, Muddy and Muddier

....the title should say it all, but there is a short story:

I went out to get them for dinner - and they were literally...paintbrush in hand...painting themselves with mud.

Kids + mud = happy kids

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh pickles!

It's been quite interesting to listen to Camryn pick up on slang from school.

I'm not against it, I understand that is 100% part of growing up and learning to sensor.

It's also great learning/teaching opportunities. I mean heck....the first time she said, "D*mn it Tyler, be quiet"....was pretty funny and I had to confess it was from me. Not that I ever said that to Tyler...but D.I. was a frequent phrase of mine.

In the computer, FB, blog, texting world, the initials "WTF" stand for "What the..." know. But if you listen - a lot of people will just exclaim "What the..." without finishing it...but we all think it!

"What the...!?" was one of the ones Camryn picked up on...sadly...from me. In advertantly. It's not so bad going from 34 year old friend to 34 year old friend. But coming from the lips of a 6 year old it's a bit "brow-raising."

We were able to get past that one eventually...although it took some self control and awareness on her part.

"That sucks"...I only heard one time and laughed....because again, it's from me...

....wait a minute...did I say she's picked up on this stuff at school?! Hmmm....self-refelction inserted here...

However, "Oh my G.." was one that she did not hear from me. And as funny as the others sounded...this was not humorous at all.

I always try to handle it matter-of-fact, make it a non-chalant conversation and not get mad. "Where did you hear it?" "I know it sounds funny". blah blah blah. But this one allowed for a much more heart-felt discussion about the respect we show God and the love we have for Him and His name.

It was much easier for her (although it still took a handful of slip-ups) to cease this phrase, than some of the others, undertanding the seriousness of it.

Today she came home saying "Oh pickles!" I think I'll adopt this one and drop some of...ok all other ones.

oh pickles....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Thanks Mom & Dad

There are more pictures to come, but my parents hosted us for 8 days over Spring Break in Washington DC. It was a wonderful trip. But mom and dad, you spoiled us thoroughly and we enjoyed every minute...if you're not careful we'll move in permanently. Well..maybe not, but we'll send the kids more often!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Scariest 30 seconds as a parent

Ok...who knew that 30 seconds could seem like forever?

Before we crossed the busy Wash.ington DC street she was holding a hand. Once we got to the other side...she was nowhere to be seen! NOWHERE!

Camryn was gone.

Busy intersection. Impatient cars. Impatient people.

The busiest day in DC that my parents have ever seen...packs of people, shoulder-to-shoulder, crazy busy.

I turned around to quickly scan the streets, my heart was already in my throat.

I wanted to run and scream.

I wanted to stand still in fear of running the wrong direction. Even now, my eyes are teary thinking of that moment.

Eric darted back to where we had come from. No one was yelling.

Stacy...yell!! But I was frozen. her name...scream her name...but I couldn't. I was in disbelief and terrified that I wasn't going to be able to find her in all those people.

What if someone grabbed her? What if she was in the street?

"THERE SHE IS!" My dad had spotted her. I tried to follow where he was pointing with my eyes, but I didn't see her. What if it wasn't her? Did he really see her? I don't see her! I CAN'T see her!!

I finally start running. Screaming, yelling her name...running towards where my dad pointed. Eric is catching up from behind. But he's just running too. We couldn't see her. She was in the middle of a group of one realizing there was a little girl by herself.

Finally Eric reaches into a crowd of people and scoops her up.

I couldn't even hold her. I wasn't crying. I was terrified and relieved. Adrenaline still rushing. She was crying. My mom picked her up and hugged her as Camryn started sobbing.

I couldn't breathe. I was numb. She had someone's hand right before we crossed....I CHECKED! Then she told me she wanted to walk in the grass and she thought we were going straight. The person whose hand she was holding thought she went to someone else...which the kids had been doing all day...switching whose hand they were holding. No biggie.

The fact was it happened so fast...and she was gone.

I've cried (writing this), she's cried again. We've relived it.

I have thanked God repeatedly for His protective hand.