Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monthly attitude adjustment

Warning for all my gentlemen readers....this is girlie stuff...if you don't want to hear about my PMSing mood right now - you should stop here!

What is it about "that time of month" that makes us nuts. Mine has been particularly bad the last 6 months or so. I can feel it coming from days away!

The ravenous hunger for anything with icing...cookies, pretzels, graham crackers...a tupperware container with a spoon...
The overly emotional reactions to the slightest joke...meaning I take them all very personally and am deeply offended if they are remotely in my direction.
The silly desire to drop the "F" bomb every time something is out-of-sorts...just because "oh darn it" just doesn't cut it this week.
The continual underlying grumpiness that always wants to come out.
The unrealistic expectation that my children...all read my mind and act before I melt down.
The over-analyzing of all of my downfalls and disappointments...or the ones that I see under the magnifying glass anyway. (Let me tell you how thrilled I am the the Olympics are on this week!! HAHAHA...that's just irony in perfect form!)
Being lazy and not caring, but regretting it and sulking over it all night.
Feeling that people have the nerve to ask anything of me and expet me to smile while doing it.... It can be as simple as handing them a napkin or as involved as cleaning the entire house by myself.
Heaven forbid someone gets sick this week.

I guess the humor in this is all is that I see it, I recognize it, I internalize most of it...unless you call at the right time and then you can get an earful because I need to vent it all out...thank you Lisa!

And how strange that as quickly as it comes...a week later it's all gone and I feel human and emotionally sound again. (notice I did not use the word normal).

I must go dive into the chocolate I've been saving...and I'm pretty sure there's icing in the fridge too...they will go splendidly together.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Camryn Paige:

Full of life, spirited, sensitive, aware, timid, loves that Jesus lives in her heart, silly, caring, comforting, inquirer, creative, beautiful.

I appreciate Camryn's awareness of what's going on around her and her inquiring mind. She loves to ask questions and to find answers. She loves learning about people in history...most recently, Clara Barton, who started the American R.e.d. C.r.o.s.s. She aspires high, she's always had a heart for taking care of people and especially babies. When she was little she wanted to be a baby doctor, or a flight-for-life driver...hmmm... She still talks about it, so who knows!

She asked Jesus into her heart this year in her own writing a letter to Jesus.

Although technically she is the 2nd, oldest, she takes the roll of oldest. She's responsible and trustworthy. I love watching her take the knowledge she learned in one area and use it in a completely different area...sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

I love you Camryn.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thank Goodness for Lisa & Louis!

These were taken after Christmas. Lisa is my younger sister (who people think is my girls' mom when she's with us) and Louis is her husband. They have more energy then the rest of the house combined. When the kids are asked what their favorite thing about Christmas was playing outside with Lisa and Louis.

It wasn't a quick 10 minute playtime either.
Probably over 30 minutes of non-stop action.

Red Light, Green Light,
picking up and carrying
rolling on the ground
more chasing

It was exhausting to watch, but I was so grateful for that time. But the question remains...

Who enjoyed it more? The kids? or Lisa & Louis?