Friday, January 22, 2010

Hug them tighter tonight

I found out that a girl I had in my mom's group in Colorado lost her 3 year old son yesterday to a tragic accident. He was supposed to be upstairs sleeping and when he was sleeping longer than normal she went to check on him. She found him hanging from the cord on the blinds. He was already gone despite her effort and the effort of the paramedics.

You, as my friends and fellow moms know the unbelievably horrific thought of this ever happening to us. I'm sick with heartache.

I find no time to question, only time to cling to God. Be humbly thankful for my children, even for the tantrums and bad days.

I find only time to pray for Andrea and David and in doing so I'm at a loss for what to pray for. Strength. Healing. Reliance on God. Love. Support. Their marriage. Their 4 year old daughter. The extended family. The church. The friends and neighbors. The paramedics who are struggling with this also. I pray that the last vision of her son will be erased, and that they will only remember his sweet face. I pray God carries them.

Hug your kids tighter tonight. Love them hard. Be thankful for every day with them. And please pray for the Sutton family.


Sarah said...

With tears in my eyes and a heavy heart I am praying!

Holly said...

oh my gosh.



The AB club said...

I can't even imagine. I will be praying.

Derek and Betsy said...

I heard that they held a prayer service last week and it was beautiful. The Holy Spirit was moving in the room and it was packed with support for the family.