Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009

OK - maybe this should have been before the previous post, but oh well....

Here is a sum up of Christmas. Moved into a new house mid-Thanksgiving. Eric's dad visited for Thanksgiving and helped us finish moving. December was spent doing some un-packing, driving kids to and from school (because the bus route hadn't changed yet). Plus pulling out Christmas stuff and decorating and getting ready for family:

Us (Eric, me, 3 kids)
Mom and Dad from Washington DC
Josh (who already lives with us)
Aunt Denise from Denver
sister Heather from Tacoma, WA
sister Lisa & brother-in-law Louis from Kentucky
Maggie & Crosley (our big dogs)
Roper & Short (Lisa's big dogs)
Hobbs (the big stray dog that Lisa was nursing back to health)
So - 12 people, 5 big dogs, 1 week. 4 bedrooms.
Move Tyler into the girls room
Lisa & Louis on an air mattress & 3 dogs in Tyler's room
Josh kicked out of his room and onto the couch.
Heather on an air mattress on the floor next to Josh
Mom & Dad in Josh's room
Denise on an air mattress by the Christmas tree
We all fit! And we laughed until we cried multiple times a day.
Many people might think it's a bit insane, but that's how we do things in my family!!
I am still recovering. But here are some of our memories:

Pictures included:
In the car looking for Santa (a tradition from the Grogg side of the family that was a lot of fun...especially since we live near an airport...all kids of lights!)
Wii....yes, thank you Papa!
We take a break from crafts to hold the snake mom found outside...that Grandad brought in to show us.
And that's only a preview....but I'm done now because I forgot how painful it is to do a blog with so many pictures. Holly - if you have any pointers please share!! I haven't learned any of the tricks to this yet. ugh.

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