Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chic Chef Amber

I know this is the second "Amber" post recently, but this is more about a plug for the adorable chef coat/hat/apron in these pictures. Camryn has one too...but she wasn't helping this morning, so she wasn't in the picture.

My sister, Heather, made these for us for Christmas! We love them....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hug them tighter tonight

I found out that a girl I had in my mom's group in Colorado lost her 3 year old son yesterday to a tragic accident. He was supposed to be upstairs sleeping and when he was sleeping longer than normal she went to check on him. She found him hanging from the cord on the blinds. He was already gone despite her effort and the effort of the paramedics.

You, as my friends and fellow moms know the unbelievably horrific thought of this ever happening to us. I'm sick with heartache.

I find no time to question, only time to cling to God. Be humbly thankful for my children, even for the tantrums and bad days.

I find only time to pray for Andrea and David and in doing so I'm at a loss for what to pray for. Strength. Healing. Reliance on God. Love. Support. Their marriage. Their 4 year old daughter. The extended family. The church. The friends and neighbors. The paramedics who are struggling with this also. I pray that the last vision of her son will be erased, and that they will only remember his sweet face. I pray God carries them.

Hug your kids tighter tonight. Love them hard. Be thankful for every day with them. And please pray for the Sutton family.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Coins for Haiti!!

Yea!! I am so thrilled to be heading up a fund-raising effort with the girls school!! Thanks to an extra credit assignment for Camryn about Clara Barton...the founder of the American Red Cross, we have been moved by this week's tragedy in Haiti to do something.

So - I proposed Cotswold's Coins for Haiti! I just got approval from the principal and we are thrilled to be doing this!!

I have to go get jars!!


Amber is the oldest by less than a minute. I'm sure it has something to do with her amazing start to life, but she's never been my cuddle-bug. Rarely volunteers hugs or kisses. I go to hug her and she just stands there with a silly grin on her face. We say "I love you" and she gets shy.

She's not stand-offish or cold-hearted by any means, but you can tell she's independent and strong and deals with things on her own.

But lately - she's been all hugs and kisses and "I love yous". Her kisses are like a mouthed and wet...which I think is when I get a sucker-fish kiss I laugh and say "No! ...silly...close your mouth! this..." But she comes and tells us she loves us and she gives kisses and hugs freely. Her outward affection is developing fast! I can't get enough...I feel like we are making up for lost time!!

She's smart and talented and curious. Loves to know how things work. Give her a hammer and a nail and she'll build you a castle...or a barn for her horses. Give her a mixer and some eggs and she'd bake you a cake like Grandad. Give her a challenge, be patient with her as she works through her determination, and she'll succeed at whatever she wants.

She's confident in who she is, in school and in reading and in doing homework. She'll correct you if you read the wrong word in a book and she'll draw pictures with great detail and creativity. She'll teach you a sign if you don't know it and she cracks us up when she thinks she's so funny. Her expressive language grows everyday and she continues to try to work in everyday phrases appropriately...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hide & Sleep

To the untrained eye this may look like a pile of pillows....

But if you have been seeking for a little boy who has been hiding long enough, you find this...

It was a really good spot to hide today....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009

OK - maybe this should have been before the previous post, but oh well....

Here is a sum up of Christmas. Moved into a new house mid-Thanksgiving. Eric's dad visited for Thanksgiving and helped us finish moving. December was spent doing some un-packing, driving kids to and from school (because the bus route hadn't changed yet). Plus pulling out Christmas stuff and decorating and getting ready for family:

Us (Eric, me, 3 kids)
Mom and Dad from Washington DC
Josh (who already lives with us)
Aunt Denise from Denver
sister Heather from Tacoma, WA
sister Lisa & brother-in-law Louis from Kentucky
Maggie & Crosley (our big dogs)
Roper & Short (Lisa's big dogs)
Hobbs (the big stray dog that Lisa was nursing back to health)
So - 12 people, 5 big dogs, 1 week. 4 bedrooms.
Move Tyler into the girls room
Lisa & Louis on an air mattress & 3 dogs in Tyler's room
Josh kicked out of his room and onto the couch.
Heather on an air mattress on the floor next to Josh
Mom & Dad in Josh's room
Denise on an air mattress by the Christmas tree
We all fit! And we laughed until we cried multiple times a day.
Many people might think it's a bit insane, but that's how we do things in my family!!
I am still recovering. But here are some of our memories:

Pictures included:
In the car looking for Santa (a tradition from the Grogg side of the family that was a lot of fun...especially since we live near an airport...all kids of lights!)
Wii....yes, thank you Papa!
We take a break from crafts to hold the snake mom found outside...that Grandad brought in to show us.
And that's only a preview....but I'm done now because I forgot how painful it is to do a blog with so many pictures. Holly - if you have any pointers please share!! I haven't learned any of the tricks to this yet. ugh.

Looking back so we can move forward...

OK...hello!!! Welcome to 2010! A year that I pray is full of good health, good friends, good fun!

I've been very absent from blog-land for a long time. Last summer I got goosed by a water park spray thing and it killed the camera in my pocket. I had to rely on other people's camera, which worked sometimes and other time there just weren't cameras around.

For Christmas my favorite father-in-law gave me a new camera and I will be forever grateful. Thank you Jim! :O)

But not only was I without a camera, I was without motivation and creativity.

I got caught up in a lot of emotional personal stuff that I'm continuing to work through. I was looking at other people and wishing I was more like them as far as organization or creativity or outside-the-box thinking or you name it...I was envious. I struggled with letting myself believe I didn't measure up to a lot of people.

This being said, I've had to work on getting on my knees more and praying lots. I'm currently still working on this. I'm currently trying to figure out where God has me NOW. To discover the person God HAS made, and stop worrying about the person I don't think I am. Discovering my talents and my passions is my goal this year. (If you have found them laying around anywhere please let me know.)

This will be a daunting process for me. This means I have to take time for me...for the "inward" me...and that hasn't come easy the last few years. But I am determined!!

"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "Plans to give you hope and a future."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm returning!!!

My father-in-law bought me the only gift that made me cry this year...a new camera. Thank you Jim.

That means....I'll be blogging again!!! Can't wait. I've missed the blogging world!!