Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy 41st...Surprise!!

I have the honor of having parents who have been married for 41 years...and actually still like each other...maybe even more now then 41 years ago...maybe.

For the last couple of years they have always gone down to Disney to celebrate their anniversary and do all the "grown-up" parts of Disney.

In order to out-do himself this year, my dad arranged for me and my sibblings to fly in and surprise my mom for dinner at the 5-star Victoria & Alberts restaurant in the Grand Floridian hotel/resort on Disney.

We started planning this back in August. Between then and a long time for 4 kids keep a secret from their mom! But somehow we managed!! The 4 of us met up in Disney, and headed on over to the restaurant. We were supposed to beat mom & dad there but that didn't happen.

We pulled off the surprise like nothing I've ever been part of. My mom was speechless...and if you know my mom you know that's HUGE! :O) The main host-guy matre-dee (i have no idea how to spell that)...was in on the whole thing to so he totally gave my mom a line to throw her off and then snuck us in the back!! It was awesome.

We didn't just have dinner with them...we dined at the chef's table in the kitchen and interacted with the chefs all night. It was about 10 course of amazing food...most of which had their own wine pairing....after about 5 courses I was were all of us! The time was priceless. It was an honor to celebrate with my parents!

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Derek and Betsy said...

That is awesome Stacy! By the way, I love your new Blog picture of the kids...DW