Friday, October 2, 2009

1st time obedience

This is a phrase that I always try to remember with my children...and I am frequently reminded of when it's not happening!

I witnessed NONE of this at the McDonald's playground today. I'm not perfect, I'm not trying to pretend I am. Not even close. But...don't you ever watch a mom and think, " you want me to tell you why you're so frustrated? Because your kid is calling the shots!!"

One kid was accused of choking another kid and denied it...but later was in trouble for another act of aggression. When it was brought to his mom's attention by grandma, mom said, "oh no, he wasn't even over there"....uh...yea he was! And this kids younger brother was pushing a baby in the face with his foot. The mom just sat there from a distance yelling "No no...we don't do that with babies". Then once grandpa got up to address the boy the mom did too...but he kept action was taken more than "no no."

Another mom spent 15 minutes chasing a kid around saying, "no, we are going". "no, we are going". "no...yes, jump jump...let's go." She had been IN the playground for 10 minutes trying to get her boy to come down....then followed him around the tables as he walked around. Never once taking control of the situation.

Then I actually heard one mom say, "No...time out right now. I told you once and you didn't listen, so now it's a time out." I though...yea it!

Then I saw the kid kind of dig in her heals...the mom rolled her eyes and let go and went back to her table as the kid kept playing.

When I told Tyler "2 minutes"...then "One minute"...then "get your shoes on, time to go."....I never repeated myself and we were out.

I know this is my own soapbox and I know every situation is different with each parent and kiddo, but good grief!!! Today was a bit overboard on the non-disciplining theatrics.

Please don't take offense to my rant...I'm just ranting...


Holly said...

yea. we're big 'first timers' too - CAN'T STAND THAT!!

Derek and Betsy said...

We see it all the time and want to coach those parents so bad. If they only knew how much easier their lives would be with a little discipline...DW