Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tyler time

So I was getting ready to be productive when I heard an unfamiliar scream from Tyler....I knew it was serious. At first I thought he'd just stubbed his toe until I saw the 2" long gash on the top of his foot. Nice clean slice from the metal bed frame. Probably about 1/8" deep...not horrible, but decent. Definitely one of our more serious wounds.

I just put him on his floor while I go get bandaids and wet cloth. I decided I really needed to use the liquid bandaid to seal it up since it was gaping a bit. I did what I thought was right, and I warned him it would probably sting. Here's a breakdown of the conversation...put into perspective that he was hysterical and i was laying on top of him...practically. (lesson learned...don't warn about more pain coming)

Tyler: "I don't want it to sting mommy!"

Mom: "I know, maybe it won't, I'll blow on it, we'll do it fast."

Tyler: "I don't want it to sting mommy!"

Mom: "Can you practice being brave for me?"

Tyler: "No, I just want someone here with me!!"

Mom: (I hug him tight...) "I'm right here Tyler" (knowing full well he was not talking about me since I was only getting ready to inflict more pain!)

Mom: "Let's pray ok, because Jesus is here too and He'll help you. Dear Jesus, help Tyler's foot be better, help him to brave and the owie to stop hurting. Amen"

Tyler: "No mommy, don't make it sting!"

(we wrestle back and forth with this for a couple of minutes until I have him pinned. Then I administer the first layer of liquid bandaid)

Tyler: *breath* "It's not hurting...IT'S STINGING, IT'S STINGING, I DON'T WANT IT TO STING. I wish God was really here!"

Mom: "He is Tyler, He'll stop...just wait!"

Mom: getting light-headed from blowing!! Then I administer more, and that helps because it doesn't sting the 2nd time. We hold it closed and keep blowing - one more layer. Then we get the butterfly bandaids and the cool big pirate flag bandaid out and he gets to help put those on.

Then we are sitting there, I'm picking up all the meds and bandaid trash and he literally throws his arms around my neck and hugs me so tight. Then he laid in my lap, looked up at me and said, "Thanks for making it all better mom."

Talk about melting a mom's heart!

mom: "You're welcome - God will take care of it from here and make it all better, ok?"

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