Thursday, September 17, 2009

An offer!!

I was beginning to wonder if what we wanted really existed.

But I know this to be true...He has ALWAYS provided housing for me in His time....which is perfect...every time!

So when I walked into this house yesterday and had "that" feeling of "THIS IS IT!" I was confident!! And even if it doesn't work out...I'm still confident.

We were literally on the phone with the other realtor while still in the house sitting on the couch. It just felt right.

It had everything that we have been looking for! Minus Eric's wrap-around porch. But all the "must-haves" were there.

Our offer is in and they have until tomorrow at noon to let us know. I'm at peace, but I'm excited!! I love this feeling!

If it ends up to be ours, I'll post a link so you can see it...


Derek and Betsy said...

This is great news! I am praying that you will get it...DW

One Time With Aimee said...

Thats so exciting - will be praying.