Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's official!!

We are under contract!! woohoo!! It was such a smooth process, we feel blessed. We... more or everything we asked their riding lawn mower!! We have the inspection on Tuesday and we close on Nov 11th. That will give us 3 weeks in both places in order to move and get cleaned up!

Here is a link if you'd like to see it!


The AB club said...

YEAH!!! and now the packing begins, I assume.

Stacy said...

well it's only a mile away so we don't have to pack "really" well. And we're doing over about a 3 week period so we can do it gradually. But the decluttering and de-junking starts! Because I'm not moving silly stuff!!

Derek and Betsy said...

The house looks great! I love the front of the house. dW