Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It has started for Tyler....

What else can be said? My little boy has started school. Granted, it's only 4 hours a day, 2 days a week...but that lonely car ride home is the saddest thing! It's different than having an empty car after leaving them with Mimi & Grandad or leaving them at Lisa's or leaving them at home and going shopping alone.

This time was weird and lonely and weird. I'm sure I'll settle into a routine and get lots done - but probably not this week...and that's ok.

I miss my friend, Kristie too because her little girl would have been going to the same preschool as Tyler and I would have gotten to see her there....and now she's gone in cold dreary dumb Boston. :O(

Plus it's dreary and rainy here today and that doesn't help...ugh. I need to go to yoga.

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Derek and Betsy said...

You need a Starbucks to cheer you up or maybe a shopping trip for some new shoes. I am sure Eric would understand! :)