Friday, August 28, 2009

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two 1st Graders!

We all did well - no tears at all...even from me! There is a possibility they will even ride the bus. That's another story...a good one...just for a different day.

Just beginning

I need to run out the door - but this is one of my favorite beach pictures and I wanted to share it. There are literally 100s of pics to go through so I'll be loading them slowly...check back for more!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Beach Pictures

They are coming....right mom? :O)

My camera has died so my mom and dad generously filled up their camera cards with pictures for us!! As soon as I get the CD I'll post!!

Teacher meet & greets

We met a total of 5 teachers for my 3 kids yesterday!

Tyler's two seem great and excited to be there. We are excited that he is attending preschool at our church's preschool. He was very comfortable there since we are there every weekend!

I'm relieved that Amber & Camryn are attending the same school this year. We did a "hardship" transfer request and were approved to get Camryn moved to the same school Amber attends.

Camryn was not excited about it when we told her, but after visiting school and playing on the playground...and getting homemade cookies from her teacher...I think she's ready! This is her teacher's 2nd year of teaching...she is young and energetic and organized and together! So nice!! Her class last year had to write essays and work hard to earn the only SmartBoard for the 1st's like a fancy computer projection thing....gosh...we had overhead projectors when I was a kid!!

Amber is in 2 classes this year. Her hard-of-hearing classroom, which was still being unpacked yesterday. My complete thoughts on this class have yet to be determined. Very neutral right now.....
Her other class (where she will have some mainstreaming) is a K/1 class where kids enter as kindergarteners, come back for 1st grade and all work together. There's no division of grade, just age and ability. Her teacher in this class is experienced and confident and I have only heard rave reviews about this teacher. Teacher told me yesterday that last year she had some kids reading at a 5th grade level before the end of the year!! I also learned that this teacher actually went to the principal to request Amber to be in her classroom. Hey - I can't ask for more than that.

My momma-bear claws are out. In the past I've always tried to be "buddies" with the teachers....not this year. This year, especially with's all business. I will not be intimidated or pushed around by these teachers...and therapists...who want one thing for Amber when we want something else. I will be communicated with on my terms. We have high expectations for Amber...she's hard of hearing - not dumb. She may have to work harder than anyone else to learn and retain information - but if we come together as a TEAM of parents and teachers to help her succeed, then she will. If the teachers start bringing their own agenda to the table, then the petty politics will take over.

I'm grateful for a God who loves Amber, Camryn & Tyler more than I and who knows the plans He has for them....plans for hope & a future! I'm grateful for a God who guides and directs, gives peace and wisdom when it's asked for. I'm thankful for a God who gives without me asking...grace....
I'm thankful for scripture that reminds me to hold my tongue and the damage it does to the people God loves if I don't....May I practice this wisom and restraint this year!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How yogurt is made:

Camryn's thoughts on the subject:

Take a popsicle (I think she was referring to a yogurt tube/pop things from yoplait...we freeze them then eat them) and put it in the microwave for 31 minutes, then when it comes out it's yogurt.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Long time no blog

I've had blog-brain...or not...I'm not sure which way it my camera is very tempermental and slowly falling apart so it's hard to take pictures and therefore I've been very absent here.

We are headed to Hilton Head tomorrow for a week! ahaahhhh....can't wait! My folks and Eric's dad are all coming too. I'll have pictures when we return.

Here are a couple from the last month or so....