Monday, July 13, 2009

Big milestones

Ok - maybe not HUGE, but still so fun!!

1) Tyler learned how to pump on the swing by himself! Amber came it to get me and when I arrived out in the back yard I almost cried. It was as if he'd been swinging for months...and his face was BEAMING! I have a video I'll try to upload it soon.

2) Both girls have been swimming on their own lately - not perfectly, and they still need to stay in the shallow end, but they are doing very well in the 3'6" water where they can still touch. BUT yesterday, they figured out how to dive down to the bottom to pick up the dive-sticks....they didn't dive off the side...just from standing.

3) The wobbly teeth have emerged. They are ready, but they have started....and it's very exciting!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


There are tears this morning from Camryn about one of Tyler's trucks.

Cam is my child who has a hard time when anyone else has a new toy. (My mother would liken this story to me as a child, having a difficult time at other people's birthday parties.) And this isn't a new toy, it was just burried for awhile and just found again.

But she wants it.
And she's heartbroken that I won't make him give it to her....