Friday, June 19, 2009


How can he not make you smile? I remember crying when I found out I was pregnant with him...Eric didn't talk to me for 2 days!! But it didn't take long for me to realize why God gave him to me...God knew I needed him.

He was my smiling face when the girls were little and not smiling! :O) On my toughest days with the girls, he would melt in my arms and in my lap and just have this "Ah, I love my mommy" smile. It was perfect.

And still!!! He is always making me laugh and smile and he is tender hearted and loving and caring and still loves his momma!

Today was a day I needed to document two conversations with him because they made me giggle out loud!

#1 - The kids were in the living room coloring and creating. Tyler was taping full sheets of plain paper together and this is how it went:

Tyler: "Look mom! I'm doing imagination!"
Mom: "Great! I love when you use your imagination!"
Tyler: "The way you make imagination is one piece of paper and some tape. Then some more paper and more tape. Then another piece of paper and more tape. Like that."
Mom: "That sounds about right Tyler!"
Tyler: "Can I hang my imagination on my wall?"
Mom: "Yes! That's a great idea, let me help you."
He then proceeds to run down the hall with his trail of homemade imagination flying behind him...
Tyler: "Mom look at my imagination it's flying like a kite!"
(I just chuckled)
Tyler: "Ok mom - let's tape my imagination right here over my bed."

Converstaion #2
In the car on the way to the mall:
Tyler: "Mom, did you hear my song?"
Mom: "No, I didn't hear it buddy."
Tyler: "I'm singing a new song - you don't know it."
Mom: (turned off the radio) "What was it about? I'd love to hear it."
Tyler: "Ok mom. It was about rocks and how they are hard and dinosaurs eat them sometimes."
Then in his made up tune he sings: "Rocks are hard and dinosaurs eat them sometimes."
Tyler: That's all, it's not a long song.

Oh it was TOO funny!!

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Derek and Betsy said...

God works in mysterious ways. I am glad he is a blessing to you! DW