Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer's here!

I'm laying awake in bed this morning, it's about 6:40ish. Eric has hit snooze for about 45 minutes. All of a sudden I hear Amber singing...softly and sweetly...sung to the tune of "Brother John" French it's "Frere Jacque"...

This is a song they sung in Amber's class to the end of school...this is what she was singing this morning:

Summer's coming, Summer's coming
We can't wait. We can't wait.
School's almost out now...School's almost out now...
no more more days!

Then it was quiet. It was almost as if she'd woke up - realized no school - sung the song and fell back asleep!!

It was a great first day of summer.
Speech consultation for Amber was really good - we'll be continuing this for the summer with private therapy.
The painter was here, there air conditioning/heating guy was here.
I mopped the kitchen and cleaned the bathrooms - did some laundry.
Kids had a quiet/reading time.
We went to the pool
They are in the bath
I have a mom's night out with friends!!

Welcome summer!! Bring it on!

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