Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing catch-up

Who's more excited? The dogs or the kids?! HA...poor dogs.

Tyler on the train on our way to see Thomas the Train.

Totally natural:

Totally unnatural!

Summertime ice cream!

Happy Father's Day!

Girls on the way to see Thomas...could the smiles be more forced?

This is how they chose to dress for the summer snow gear....but have you ever seen such a colorful rain?!

She will always be my extreme mis-matched child and I love her for it! (Amber)

Hmmmm....she does know how to smile...really! (Camryn)

True smile....see it can happen! (Amber)

All of us at Thomas the Train...think I can smiler harder??


Holly said...

talk about a forced smile ;-)
yours is making me laugh!!!
(you look great, it's just a silly smile, by the way!!)

Stacy said...

Holly I know! This lady offered to take our pic for us and just as she was taking it all the lights went off so my eyes got wide and I was thinking "crap! Just take it quick before anyone moves!" it was funny!

Derek and Betsy said...

Love the pictures!