Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing catch-up

Who's more excited? The dogs or the kids?! HA...poor dogs.

Tyler on the train on our way to see Thomas the Train.

Totally natural:

Totally unnatural!

Summertime ice cream!

Happy Father's Day!

Girls on the way to see Thomas...could the smiles be more forced?

This is how they chose to dress for the summer snow gear....but have you ever seen such a colorful rain?!

She will always be my extreme mis-matched child and I love her for it! (Amber)

Hmmmm....she does know how to smile...really! (Camryn)

True smile....see it can happen! (Amber)

All of us at Thomas the Train...think I can smiler harder??

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Who is Zoe? You don't know her. She was my next door neighbors dog. Long story short, she died very unexpectedly yesterday. Ended up that she had tumors in her blood which ruptured!

For those of you who have pets as part of your family you understand how SAD it is. I've cried 4 times today because of it and she's not even mine. My dear friend, Catherine, is so sad.

I hugged my dogs harder today and loved on them more.
I'm feeling very inadequate as the mother of hard of hearing child today.

Friday, June 19, 2009


How can he not make you smile? I remember crying when I found out I was pregnant with him...Eric didn't talk to me for 2 days!! But it didn't take long for me to realize why God gave him to me...God knew I needed him.

He was my smiling face when the girls were little and not smiling! :O) On my toughest days with the girls, he would melt in my arms and in my lap and just have this "Ah, I love my mommy" smile. It was perfect.

And still!!! He is always making me laugh and smile and he is tender hearted and loving and caring and still loves his momma!

Today was a day I needed to document two conversations with him because they made me giggle out loud!

#1 - The kids were in the living room coloring and creating. Tyler was taping full sheets of plain paper together and this is how it went:

Tyler: "Look mom! I'm doing imagination!"
Mom: "Great! I love when you use your imagination!"
Tyler: "The way you make imagination is one piece of paper and some tape. Then some more paper and more tape. Then another piece of paper and more tape. Like that."
Mom: "That sounds about right Tyler!"
Tyler: "Can I hang my imagination on my wall?"
Mom: "Yes! That's a great idea, let me help you."
He then proceeds to run down the hall with his trail of homemade imagination flying behind him...
Tyler: "Mom look at my imagination it's flying like a kite!"
(I just chuckled)
Tyler: "Ok mom - let's tape my imagination right here over my bed."

Converstaion #2
In the car on the way to the mall:
Tyler: "Mom, did you hear my song?"
Mom: "No, I didn't hear it buddy."
Tyler: "I'm singing a new song - you don't know it."
Mom: (turned off the radio) "What was it about? I'd love to hear it."
Tyler: "Ok mom. It was about rocks and how they are hard and dinosaurs eat them sometimes."
Then in his made up tune he sings: "Rocks are hard and dinosaurs eat them sometimes."
Tyler: That's all, it's not a long song.

Oh it was TOO funny!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nature walks

I wish I wouldn't have forgotten my camera in the car...

After Amber's speech therapy this morning, we stopped at a new park that had a mini nature path alongside a stagnant lake that had geese & ducks swimming in it...but you would have thought the kids were in heaven!

We picked up nuts and twigs and leaves and feathers and more twigs..."Nature Treasures". We saw LOTS of tiny, itty-bitty frogs...that would literally scatter as you walked...they were dime size at best.

After the park we went to Michaels to buy boxes to decorate so we can keep our favorite "nature treasures" this summer. We will be decorating and filling them probably tomorrow.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer's here!

I'm laying awake in bed this morning, it's about 6:40ish. Eric has hit snooze for about 45 minutes. All of a sudden I hear Amber singing...softly and sweetly...sung to the tune of "Brother John" French it's "Frere Jacque"...

This is a song they sung in Amber's class to the end of school...this is what she was singing this morning:

Summer's coming, Summer's coming
We can't wait. We can't wait.
School's almost out now...School's almost out now...
no more more days!

Then it was quiet. It was almost as if she'd woke up - realized no school - sung the song and fell back asleep!!

It was a great first day of summer.
Speech consultation for Amber was really good - we'll be continuing this for the summer with private therapy.
The painter was here, there air conditioning/heating guy was here.
I mopped the kitchen and cleaned the bathrooms - did some laundry.
Kids had a quiet/reading time.
We went to the pool
They are in the bath
I have a mom's night out with friends!!

Welcome summer!! Bring it on!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How does your garden grow???

....with Grandad's love and six containers all in a row....

My dad decided to do it "right" this year. Last year he attempted small containers of veggies for the kids and it didn't work. So this year he built container gardens...and not just a pot with dirt. He took storage tubs, pvc pipe and cut and built a system with a water reserve and a spout to pour the water in....and this is what is happening to my deck....

Pretty impressive!! We even have tomatoes growing already and the cucumber vine is a bit creepy. (no pun intended!)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Get home from the game.
Unload all the kids and get inside.
Realize I forgot the dogfood again.
Load all the kids back in the car...because seriously...we are OUT of dogfood.
Go to T.arget
5 items in the cart, 1 time-out in the store, 1 crying kid the whole time.
Get the kids to the car and in the car.
Put bags in back of car....realize there's one item unpaid for in the cart.
Unload all the kids.
Walk back into T.arget and pay for aloe...which is desperately needed after the girls go fried at the pool the other day.
Get the kids back in the car -
It's 9:08...they still need a shower and need to go to bed.



Take Camryn to school
Take Amber to school
Go back home and pick up paperwork for speech evaluation because I forgot it
Go back and get Amber
Take Amber to speech evaluation
Take Amber back to school
Go to Camryn's school for end-of-year party
Go home and start dinner and pack for the pool
Go get Amber
Go to the pool...the GLORIOUS pool
Go home pack dinner picnic instead of cooking
Go to Eric's softball game
Go get dogfood that I forgot or they will starve!

phew....long day...lot of driving.