Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strep again...

I thought we were out of the clear - so last thursday(ish) when Amber was telling me that she couldn't eat because her throat hurt, I didn't pay much attention. There was no fever - the comments weren't consistent, nothing else that would have indicated that. It just wasn't on my radar.

Then she started coughing just a little bit Saturday night and a little thru the day on Sunday. Her teacher called me on Monday and told me she was coughing a lot, but she and I agreed to let Amber stay at school...we thought maybe she was just wanting to come home. But her teacher did suggest keeping her home today because it's field day at school and running around probably wouldn't be good for Amber's cough.

Well last night, for the 1st time, she had a temp of just over 100. The cough is really tight and so I decided to take her in to make sure her lungs were clear this morning. Doctor said she had brochitis, but it didn't need to be treated - then she said, "I think I'll culture her because her throat is a bit red."

I really didn't think it would come back positive. I WAS SHOCKED!! I'm sure we've exposed at least 15 kids in the last 4 days.

There goes that mother of the year award again!

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Sarah said...

No worries... last time Elise had strep I made the doctor do the test so I could send her to preschool with a clear conscience. Guess we can make our own club "Not the Mother of the Year- but close!"