Friday, May 29, 2009

The haircut

Amber's been asking for months and I finally took her to get it cut. She decided to pout and throw a "tude" just as she sat down because I brought a DVD player to occupy Tyler and she wanted to watch too. OOOOoooo...I was SO not happy with her. But - it is cute.


Can you say no... this?!

Thursday, May 28, 2009 more... if you add it up, between the 5 of us who live in this house, we've had 6 dr. appointments in the last 3 days.

I have been listening to Amber's lungs to make sure they aren't getting worse that last couple of days and this morning they were worse. So I wanted someone with a stethescope to listen to them...instead of just an ear to the back (my method).

1 hour and 1 chest xray and 1 tired mom and 3 hyper kids later...she doesn't have pnemonia, but she will be on a nebulizer for awhile and we will be praying this isn't asthma...but just crud going along with the bronchitis.

can i be done yet?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

...and again..and again

This morning Camryn woke up telling me her throat hurt. I actually hesitated for a minute and wondered if she was just telling me that because she wanted to stay home.

Then the loud voice inside my head said..."TAKE HER TO THE DOCTOR". So I looked down her throat which was a little red, but then there was one swollen gland on her neck and that sealed the deal.

The doctor came in a revealed that her test in fact came back positive. She looked at me and said, "Do you want me to swab Tyler?" Sure...why not...saves me a trip later maybe. Sure enough...he was positive too.

Then I notice my throat is sore and scratchy and turning red...why wait...unfortunately I had to take all three kids with me. I made the choice to allow them to bring their night-nights...their special blankets they suck their thumbs with. And I borrowed a dear friends portable DVD player and brought that too.

Thank goodness I was prepared because we sat in the waiting room for almost 45 minutes before being seen!!

And my strep test??....negative!! woohoo!! But she gave me drugs anyway. So - now we are all on antibiotics...including Eric who went for his test yesterday, which was negative, but he had a sinus infection. So - hopefully this will knock it out!!

Anyone want to come visit!!??

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strep again...

I thought we were out of the clear - so last thursday(ish) when Amber was telling me that she couldn't eat because her throat hurt, I didn't pay much attention. There was no fever - the comments weren't consistent, nothing else that would have indicated that. It just wasn't on my radar.

Then she started coughing just a little bit Saturday night and a little thru the day on Sunday. Her teacher called me on Monday and told me she was coughing a lot, but she and I agreed to let Amber stay at school...we thought maybe she was just wanting to come home. But her teacher did suggest keeping her home today because it's field day at school and running around probably wouldn't be good for Amber's cough.

Well last night, for the 1st time, she had a temp of just over 100. The cough is really tight and so I decided to take her in to make sure her lungs were clear this morning. Doctor said she had brochitis, but it didn't need to be treated - then she said, "I think I'll culture her because her throat is a bit red."

I really didn't think it would come back positive. I WAS SHOCKED!! I'm sure we've exposed at least 15 kids in the last 4 days.

There goes that mother of the year award again!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day enjoyment

OK - so inspite of my previous post - I had a great Mother's Day. With Josh being in town we have a babysitter on-hand at all times!! YEA!!

Eric took me out to dinner on Saturday night...without the kids. Sunday morning he let me sleep in (really I could have been happy at that!) He had a place set for me at the table that was just cute. After church we went to lunch at our same Sunday lunch spot and it was great.
Once we got home we paired up and mowed/weed-eated the lawn together. Josh filled up the little pool and entertained the kids. Then I grabbed a beer, and played with the kids in the backyard. It was a GORGEOUS day! For dinner we had a great steak dinner and Eric & Josh teamed up to make. Josh cleaned up the whole kitchen, and Eric and I tag-teamed the kids showers. Then, once the kids were in bed, Eric, Josh (oh...he's my younger brother), and I sat outside and just enjoyed the weather.

I know it may sound like an ordinary day...and it was...which I thought was GREAT! Relaxing and fun...what else could you ask for?!

Mother's Day Highlights:
he so doesn't look little here!

Amber's "catty"

Amber was pouting, but couldn't resist a camera!

Uncle Josh teaching the art of headstands.

Camryn's first solo attempt

Pool toes
Tyler's Mother's Day flower to me...that was from the tree Eric was trimming.
Look what the girls learned to do!!!! BEST MOTHER'S DAY PRESENT EVER!!
At one point I turned around and found this....A Mother's job is never done!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day thoughts

So here's my take on Mother's's too weird for me!!! I always honored my Mother - it's what you did, and she deserved to be honored...and still does! It's never felt natural to celebrate it for me.

Eric took me out to a nice dinner tonight without kids...fabulous! Thank you my dear!!

But here's the thing. Being a mom is not about me. I am part of a fabulous team...a parental team. I don't do what I do without the help of my amazing husband who is my biggest fan. And he doesn't need a date on the calendar to feel obligated to tell me that he loves me or that he thinks I'm doing a great job as a mother. He tells me all year long.

Maybe that's why Mother's Day is odd to me...I don't feel that I should be honored because of a day on the calendar, for something I volunteered to do! My kids are wonderful - they tell me they love me - they are well behaved...usually - they help me when I need it...on any day...not just the 2nd Sunday of May.

So - I'm a bit anti-Mother's Day....but I love being a mother.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Off to the races!!

Ok...I'm back from the races. I wanted SO badly to post that I was going to the Kentucky Derby - but it was a surprise for my sister and she reads this I had to be silent!!

I'll post pictures soon. We had a great time. I lost some money - but not a lot. I tried a mint julep and threw it away...not a whiskey drinker! ugh. I made a big hat and bought a new dress and stood on the bleachers to try to see...and couldn't. But the rain held off and it was a blast.

Saw Brooke Shields - met people who knew people. Got hugged by some guy who's fake orange tan made him look like an Oompa Loompa. Talked to lots of people, walked A TON, and just had a good time.