Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break

With Eric and Tyler in Cincinnati this week, it's just the girls and I...and I'm really enjoying it.
At first I was pretty bummed that it didn't work out for me to go with Eric to his grandma's funeral, but since he took Tyler, that left just us girls. And since I usually have so much time with's so nice to have some girl time.

Yesterday we went to the library...called's 1/2 library, 1/2 children's theatre, so it's A LOT of fun...lot of pretend play and dress up and computers and all sorts of stuff.

We spent most of the time doing computer painting and then playing house. They had this big house structure and I sat in a chair and was "waited-on" hand and foot. The girls cooked for me, cleaned for me, brought me endless amounts of fruits and vegetables and coffee...even a piece or two of chocolate. I had hats and blankets (made from play clothes)...there was a doilie that was often used for my bib. I even had a pet cat for awhile.

It was the first time in a long time I just sat and played for SO long with the girls and they loved it and so did I!
Tyler's comment, moments before this picture: "OH NO!!! I'm completely thirsty!!"
Mommy & girls at the library
My library "pampering"
The girls playing house:

Amber & Camryn
Camryn just ate a blue malted egg!
It's fuzzy because it's from my phone - but this the suit I bought for Tyler to wear to the he not the most handsome little boy!!!??


Anonymous said...

Papa had a great few days with the boys ... thanx Stacy

Derek and Betsy said...

TJ looks so handsome! Betsy said he was so well manored and very polite. I thought I would share that with you...DW