Tuesday, April 28, 2009

latest with School

Ok - so thank you so much for your prayers. We've continued to sort through all the information and follow-up conversations that we've had over the last week - that's why I haven't posted sooner.

The meeting was ok - but very contradictory to what we'd been hearing. The one thing that we are certain of is that there is a LOT of miscommunication in this school. People say one thing, interpret another way, then say "I didn't say that." It's VERY frustrating for us to sort through and figure out who is being truthful....so instead of trying to fight the communication battle between other people - we are focusing on Amber. I think, finally, we have her in a schedule that will get her what she needs.

We have an IEP in place for her to be in a self-contained classroom. We agreed to let her try going to a mainstream classroom for a couple of things each day...like their calendar time and their "special" (art, pe, music etc...). That was working well until someone (again - here's the debate on WHO actually made this decision) said, "Let's mainstream her as much as possible since we have an interpreter for her."

The problem with that is she doesn't know how to use an interpreter and actually retain the information. Plus - the bigger problem is that NO ONE asked Eric and I if it was ok. This is when things really got messed up...when they started making decisions for Amber without us!

CRAZY. Anyway - it's been a long, emotional process that should have never even happened. But it did and we are wiser for it. We now know what exactly we need to ask for next year at her IEP. It's taken a lot of back & forth to get some kind of a balance and I think we've accomplished that.

Thanks again for your prayers!!

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Derek and Betsy said...

Sorry you had to go through all of that mess. I hope you got what you want out of it...DW