Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Croc warning

Have you ever heard of croc-style shoes and escalators? I very briefly remember something about it a number of years ago, but only ever heard about it the one time and never thought about it again. Well - there's a new rule in our house..."No wearing these when we are going anywhere with escalators!"

This is what was ripped off of Tyler's foot today on the escalator!! It wasn't at the "on" or "off" part - he was just standing there. He was facing the side rail, hands on the rail...he wasn't goofing off or climbing up the side...his foot was evidentally too close to the side and it got sucked under!! See all the grease on it?
The crazy thing is that on Sunday, the heel strap on this shoe broke off...I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if that strap and hadn't broken 2 days ago.
Freaked me out - freaked Tyler out really bad - freaked the store ladies out too. Thankfully Tyler wasn't hurt at all, just scared.
So - if your kids wear these alot - be SUPER careful on the escalators.


Holly said...

oh my.

Derek and Betsy said...

sent your warning to all our friends. Yikes! Glad to hear TJ is not hurt...DW

Naomi said...

That is really scary!
This just reinforces my decision to never ever buy crocs.

One Time With Aimee said...

Wow...thats super scary!