Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Caterpillar Cuddles

It was a good reminder to me.

Caterpillars are our life right now because they are all over...it is not hard to find at least 3 each afternoon in our backyard.

But heaven forbid one get lost down the cracks of the warping deck or perish in the lovingly squeezed hands of a child.

Today - it was Camryn's "cattie" (as she has named them) that got lost in the tall spring blades of grass. She was sobbing hysterically.

I started to explain to her that it was fine, there'd be more tomorrow...and probably tonight - it's not a big deal...yaddie yaddie ya....

But then I realized that to her...this was very sad. And who am I to judge the sad heart of a child?! (Other than the mother who doesn't get excited about the "catties" and makes them stay outside.)

So I sat down and cuddled with her for what seemed like forever (mainly because it was about a caterpillar), but was maybe 5 minutes. And the whole time I rocked and she sobbed, I just thought, "Caterpillar cuddles....and it makes it all ok...for all parties included."

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