Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The greatest AHA moment!

The other day Amber found a picture of Eric's parents and brought it to me. Here's our conversation:

Amber: "Mom, look, it's Papa!"
mom: "Yes, that's right!"
Amber: "Who is that?"
Mom: "That's Grandma...that's daddy's mom."
Amber: "Oh. Where is she?"
Mom: "In Heaven."
Amber: "OH!!! With Jesus?!!" (wide-eyed and high volume!)
Mom: "Yes!"
Amber: "A long long time ago, the bad guys put Jesus on the cross and He died. Then he laid down on the rock and had a cast on (wrapped in the cloth) and then the angel came and moved the rock and Jesus was alive again. Then he went on a cloud into Heaven!!"

This was from a snowday morning. The last snow day we had, all the kids piled in my bed and brought me the "My F1rst Mssg" Bible. They found the story of Jesus on the cross - and that's what we talked about that morning...and this was Amber's re-telling of the story!!

I only wish it would have been recorded!! It was priceless!

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Holly said...

love love love those moments!!!