Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Camryn moment

Just to document that this child CAN make a good decision...which I will remind her of as she gets close to teen years...this was our conversation in the car today.

Camryn: "Mom, D (no names to protect the innocent) didn't invite L to her birthday party and that made L sad. But now she's invited."

Mom: "Well, were you invited to her party?"

Camryn: "Yes, but I told her I didn't want to go."

Mom: <> "Really? Why don't you want to go?"

Camryn: "Mom, D is mean sometimes and I don't want to go to her party because she's mean sometimes and I told her that too."

Mom: <> "Wow Camryn, that was such a grown-up decision - I'm so proud of you!"

Wow - with the temptation of a birthday party she was able to turn it down based on true character! I could hardly believe it!! So proud of her for such a wise decision!

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