Saturday, February 21, 2009

when something is different

Today at the park, there was a girl who was probably 7ish who I realized noticed Amber's hearing aids. Looking from a distance, but then kept playing. At one point, I was with Tyler, and I see the same girl come up to Amber and ask if she needs help. Amber was on a ladder, but doing fine. But Amber couldn't hear her because the girl was talking quietly.

I thought, "Oh, that's cute." But I just watched from where I was...the girl zoned in on Amber's ear, poked the hearing aid mold...the part that sits in the ear...then jumped down and ran away.

Amber looked at her like, "huh?", but it didn't phase her. Didn't even realize what had happened.

Odd? Yes. Was the girl curious? Yes. Did she go about it wrong? Maybe. Was she trying to be mean? No. Did it hurt Amber? No. Can I see a future of teasing and meanness because she's different? Yes.

I mean really. If someone is blind, you don't run up and poke them in the eye.

I am a bit sad to have seen that from a mother's point of view...but glad it didn't phase Amber.


JLF said...

Oh girl ... that made my eyes well up ... isn't it the craziest thing to watch something like that happen? Matthew went through lots of that last summer at Y Camp. I just had to stand back and let him answer questions, once it was over, no one said anything else about it. It's one of the harder things I've had to witness ... our children being different. I just love that Matthew tells kids, "Thats how God made me" ... :) Love you.

Naomi said...

That little girl is lucky to have encountered Amber. It was probably a good lesson for her.